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F-117 Wheels (for Trumpeter) - 1:32 Eduard

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F-117 Wheels (for Trumpeter)
1:32 Eduard (632012)


Trumpeter's big Nighthawk is a kit that just cries out for extra detail (to this reviewer at least), and this set of resin wheels from Eduard is designed to provide just that. It arrives in Eduard's familiar shallow clamshell box, and inside are nine pieces of mid-grey resin, six of a bright yellow resin, a sheet of yellow kabuki tape masks (not pictured) and an instruction sheet, all protected by a sheet of cushioning grey foam.


The parts are a straight-forward drop-in replacement for the kit parts, and each wheel consists of a tyre with superb detailing and recessed central hub, into which a front and read hub detail part is added. The mainwheels both have brake detail on the rear hub, while the nosewheel does not, just as it should be. The mainwheel outer hubs are spoked, and are skinned over with thin resin slivers to facilitate moulding. They can be quickly sanded away from behind, poked through and tidied up with a knife, although very few were present on one of the hubs on this review sample. "GOOD YBAR" make an appearance on the tyre tread again, presumably to avoid copyright issues. Fix that under extreme magnification with a scalpel or paint if you like, but the detail of the sidewalls and tread is first class.

The masks allow you to quickly paint the hubs after painting the wheels, and are a boon to modellers that don't trust their accuracy with a brush, or want to use their airbrush to preserve that lovely moulded in detail. As a bonus, the yellow resin parts are wheel chocks provided to add a little extra realism to your finished model, although how many people will leave them bare yellow is another question. Couple those with a nice set of Remove Before Flight tags, and you'll have a striking looking model.

Excellent. There's little more to say other than you'll need a razor saw for the removal of the cylindrical moulding blocks on the hubs. Wear a mask though, as any small particles can be harmful to your health.

Highly recommended.


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