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To all,

After finishing the Fouga (still brings a tear!!) and between F-15 Eagle and !/144 Group builds, here is a retro take on a modern Russian fighter.

Following the worldwide financial crisis the Russian President adjusts his Defence spending, in order to meet these new targets the Airforce cancel the PAK-FA project before its first flight and it diverts the cut down budget and new technology to help bring the S-37 from Tech Demonstrator to front-line fighter. In doing so the Russian's become the first Airforce to operate a supersonic swept forward fighter in daily frontline operations.

This pleases the Russian President and he increases spending again.....The End

As always all comments welcome, the scheme is a nod towards the old " Flagon" colour scheme and was painted using a Humbrol 11 rattle can and hairy stick application of various other enamels with a final drizzle of Tamiya Flat varnish to seal the lot.

Photobucket is creating snags will post more images soon....sorted :banghead:













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  Love it dude, also I love the hud in it!!  Very cool.  I got two of these to make myself actually haven't got a clue as to what tho yet.  Impressive paint work too.




  Kind Regards,



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