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F-15C Oregon ANG

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And we're off!

Slightly delayed due to work getting in the way, but I've made a start.









Cockpit primed and instrument painting started. Got a half day tomorrow so I should be able to crack on a bit.

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Next update: -

Intakes and fuselage built up and a bit of filler on the join. I did take more photos but formatted the wrong card and lost them :banghead:


Main fuselage sanded and lost panel lines re-scribed. Wings attached and now being left for 24 hrs to set.


A bit of clean up to do on the wing to fuselage joints, then it'll be time to fit the front fuselage.

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A bit more done, front fuselage attached, seams cleaned up and a coat of Halfords primer applied to check my fettling.


Made a start on shading the natural metal areas at the back end.



The camera flash has picked up on the base silver and makes it look brighter than it actually is. I'll try a longer exposure without the flash next time.

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Back to it after a weeks enforced lay off due to Emodels fast and efficient service being nothing of the sort! Yesterday I bit the bullet and drove to Chester and got the bits I needed from Modelzone.

While I was waiting the primer was micromeshed ready for the first of the greys.


Lighter grey sprayed onto the upper fuselage.


Lower fuselage next, photo later.

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