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HT's Heller SAAB J29 Tunnan

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Finally I am able to upload to pb to show progress although the plan to complete in a weekend wasnt quite achieved.
Box shot and new cockpit.
The new cockpit got a coat of hu78 interior green and side panels cemented using SG.
Some colour applied
Cockpit got some more colours with the main bucket seat painteed in alu, seatbelts tan, and the seat in dark brown.
http://i376.photobucket.com/albums/oo209/stuwellard/BM Swedish GB/136_zps40ab6d30.jpg136_zps40ab6d30.jpg
Tub done.
Moving onto the main fuselage, interior painted hu78 and then halves along with the tail plane cemented together.
The cockpit was cemented in place, now I want sure to add nose weight as the instructions doent suggest this is required but ive added appox 10g held in place with blutac. One thing to bare in mind when adding is the nose intake goes back quite a way down into the fuselage so you have to be thining aheah when loading the nose with the weight.
On her wheels.
Ready for airbrushing her NM finish. Firstly I airbrushed SnJ's spray metal aluminium on all parts.
Ive then rubbed on added PJ's polishing powder to selected areas to try and get the appearance of weatherd and stained metal.

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