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1/48 Academy F-15I Ra'am

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Heres my entry


I haven't taken sprue shots just yet, but it's the standard kit, just some additional weapons.

It'll be OOB with the exception of the Quickboost seats and some Eduard Canopy Masks.

Looking forward to getting going now!


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Option 2 noted.

Just be careful.

The instructions in the Academy kit is wrong.

Python IV's goes on the outside on the wingpylons.

The Python's also uses a different rail than the AMRAAMs.

Just remember to put them on the right side and not according to the instructions.

And IDF/AF doesn't use the AGM-130.

You can put JDAM's on the wingpylons instead.

I'm also going for the markings with the large eagle's head.

But not No255, I'll do another one.

Not long now....

/Bosse - certified IDF/AF Nut :bye:

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You're welcome Phil.


IDF/AF is my main aera of interest.

I started about six years ago to build as many IDF/AF aircraft I can in 1/48.

I've built around 35 so far, with about 50 more in the stash.

If you have any question please ask, and I'll try and answer as best as I can.

/Bosse :bye:

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Well I managed to get started this weekend, despite plenty of distractions!!

I primed and base coated the pit, Tamiya NATO black, some light grey dry brushing and it's pretty much done!


Still a few bits to tidy up, plus it'd be nice to add some colour but I can't find any pics of Ra'am cockpits....

IP done too



Seats aren't quite done so pic of those when they are!

I also go onto my favourite job(!!) of filling ejector pin marks, quite a few in this beasty! Joy....

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Hi Phil

I've got a list of typical Ra'am loads at home.

I'll post it in my own thread when I get home from work.


Long range strike missions with the Popeye´s is one of the missions for The Hammers, so I think it'll be a common loadout.

I'm leaning towards the Popeye's myself on my own Ra'am.




Edit: spelling

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Thanks Chaps

More progress to report.

While I go over pictures of the pit to see if I can add any colour I cracked on with the back end:


There aren't many parts to it, especially as I didn't bother with the intake trunking, I'm going for FOD covers anyway I think. The fit on the E I built was very poor, to the point it almost got binned! This time however I have had more success! I took my time getting the fuselage halves joined as neatly as possible (maybe aided by the lack of trunking...). I then attached the wings using CA and accelerator. First time I've tried this and it worked a treat, what minor seams there were are filled as you go and the joint is rock solid. A bit of sanding and rescribing was required but nothing too bad. You can just about see some Mr Disolved putty I've used to level off a slight lip I was left with.

Thanks to Bosse posting some load out info in his thread I've gone with these 2 beauties


AGM-142 Popeye stand off missiles.

She'll also carry the associated data link pod, plus a center line 600gal tank and 2 AIM 120 on the CFT stations. Missile rails aren't carried on the wing stations with Popeyes as they foul the fins.

I would like to paint the Popeyes next but it's a bit brisk in the garage!!


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Cheers gents,

To be honest I like this kit, I'm no Eagle expert so I can't see the shape issues and it does seem to have gone together much better this time. Maybe I need to build a Revell kit to compare....

Andy go for the quickboost they're lovely, I'll post up a pic later as they're done now.


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Ok chaps time for another update!

I'm about there with the main build.


A few squirts of primer has show up my deficiencies so it's back to filling and sanding! I've not shown the underside, as I didn't make a great job of the CFT....plenty of time to correct though as I'm waiting for the Mr Color version of the underside grey to arrive on the slow boat from the far east, not that it's warm enough in the garage for spraying anyway!!

To keep me amused, and not building something else, I've cracked on with the load out


AGM-142 and the associated datalink pod

I've also finished the seats


Quite pleased with them, but I fell foul of the vague instructions and stuck the sticky out bits in the side of the head rest wrong, do they don't stick out! Oh well....

Gear done too


And the exhausts


Next update should be the underside grey on, when it arrives!


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Looks good Phil, always have liked the F-15/AGM-142 combo.

One thesedays i'll get around to doing a Eglin AFB F-111F weapons test jet. When the USAF looked at adding the Popeye to the Vark's weapon profiles the flew with 4 AGM-142's under the wings. A impressive load but drag must have been terrible,i can only imagine if it had been tried in combat the Vark would have need Tanker support all the way through the mission

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