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Wingnut Wings Decals - 1:32 Fokker D.VII Parts 1 to 4.


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Fokker D.VII Decals.

1:32 Wingnut Wings


Although the Wingnut Wings D.VII kits already come with five different choices of markings in each box, they have released several sets to give you an even wider choice. Sensibly the individual sets offer extra schemes for one particular variant, so 'Fighting Fokkers Part 1' covers Fokker built aircraft, Part 2 Albatros, and Parts 3 & 4 OAW.

Like in the kits, the decal instructions are printed in full colour on thick glossy paper, with drawings that look to be by Ronny Bar (although no credits are given). The first page consists of side profiles whilst the subsequent three show upper and lower views, and contemporary black and white photographs of the actual aircraft. With call outs for each decal number and also paint colours, there should be no room for doubt about what goes where. A list is even provided with each scheme to inform you which engine parts from the kit will be required for it.

In each section there are a few paragraphs of text about the actual craft, and where known a little history about the pilots who flew it. This is a very nice touch which brings the subject matter to life. For instance, option D on the 'Part 1' sheet was flown by Max Holtzem, who after the war emigrated to the USA and ended up with North American Aviation as a Flight Inspector on P-51 Mustangs during the second world war. He remained active in aviation circles until his death in 1980 at the age of 87. Great little nuggets of information that characterise the Wingnut Wings attention to detail in all that they do.

The decals themselves are by Cartograf, very cleanly printed on thin carrier film, with good colours and perfect registration. Most sheets are A4 sized with an A5 sized supplementary sheet of wing and fuselage crosses where required, as well as a plethora of data plates, propeller logos, instrument faces etc. None of the sets contain lozenge decals as these will all be found in the base kit anyway.

(Notes - German aircraft were given a serial number followed with a '/' and the year of manufacture. So 373/18 is D.VII number 373, built in 1918.

Jagstaffeln (Jasta)numbers are sometimes followed with a letter. these denote the region they were formed in, 'b' for Bavarian, 's' for Saxon, 'w' for W├╝rttemberg).

30006 Fokker D.VII (Fok) Fighting Fokkers Part 1.

A. 'MK' Ludwig Reimann, Jasta 78b, late 1918.

B. 373/18, Heinrich Piel, Jasta 13b, June 1918.

C. 382/18, Georg von Hantelman & Kurt Wustoff, Jasta 15, June 1918.

D. 402/18, Max Holtzem, Jasta 16b, Mid 1918.

E. 244/18, Lothar von Richthofen, Jasta 11, and Aloys Heldmann, Jasta 10, June - July 1918.




Close up detail;


30007 Fokker D.VII (Alb) Fighting Fokkers Part 2.

As well as the standard five options, there are two 'bonus' options included on the sheet.

Bonus 1 is a factory fresh fully lozenged 652/18 before any unit or personal markings were applied, whilst bonus 2 is Ltn.d.R Simons red and white striped fuselage machine. You will need to do the stripes yourself.

A. 571/18, Adolf Gutknecht, Jasta 43, July 1918.

B. 666/18, Hans Dannenberg,Vzfw Mohring, Rudolf Neckel, Kest 1a/Jasta 90, late 1918.

C. 833/18 Robert Greim, Jasta 34b, October 1918.

D. 5278/18, 'Hertha', Jasta 27, October/November 1918.

E. Otto Creutzmann & Josef Raesch, Jasta 43, June - July 1918.




30008 Fokker D.VII (OAW) Fighting Fokkers Part 3.

A. 2052/18, Karl Thom, Jasta 21s, 1918.

B. 4453/18, Alfred Lindenberger, Jasta 2, November 1918.

C. 4631/18, 'Lot', Jasta 64w, late 1918.

D. 4635/18, 'U.10' Heinz Frieherr von Beaulieu-Marconnay, Jasta 65, September 1918. This aircraft was zapped after capture by the US 95th Aero squadron, with its kicking mule. The option is on the sheet should you wish to use it.

E. 6441/18, Max Nather, Jasta 62, October - November 1918.




30009 Fokker D.VII (OAW) Fighting Fokkers Part 4.

There are so many great schemes for OAW D.VII's that one extra set was never going to be enough, so here we have a second.

A. 4025/18, Paul Strahle, Jasta 57, September 1918.

B. 4649/18 'Seven Swabians' Wilhelm Scheutzel,Jasta 65, 1918.

C. 6344/18, 'Yellow X', Jasta 58, late 1918.

D. 6428/18, Hans Joachim von Hippel, Jasta 71, October - November 1918.

E. Ltn Fritz von Schliewen, Jasta 6, September 1918.




Close up detail;

(Note - The 'Seven Swabians' are commonly mistaken for the 'Seven Dwarfs'.

They have nothing to do with the Snow White tale, but are from a Brothers Grimm story).


I suspect that these decal sheets are aimed at, and will be bought by Great War aviation aficionados. They have the same quality of research, presentation, and production that we have come to expect from Wingnut Wings, and makes them the number one model company. The standard kits already contain a superb range of options to satisfy the casual enthusiast. But once you get hooked and start to read up on the pilots, squadrons and aircraft, a plan inevitably starts to form in your mind as to how you can build a representative range, and these sheets will help tremendously.

I find it starts with the personalities, and then moves on to their aircraft. My particular favourites amongst these sheets are Georg Von Hantelmann, Kurst Wustoff, Lothar von Richtofen, Alfred Lindenberger, Max Nather, Robert Greim, Paul Strahle, and Hans Joachim von Hippel. And then of course 'Hertha' and 'Seven Swabiens' are so colourful they deserve to be built as well. Looking at these decals has found me spending hours defining the builds I want to do, sorting out a representative selection of D.VII sub types, Jastas, and pilots. Inspirational decal sheets indeed.

Yet again Wingnut Wings have come up with a top quality product.

Very highly recommended.

Review samples courtesy of


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