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Vallejo Still Water


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Hi whats the best way to use this stuff and is it any good or is there something better to use, i was going to try it first doing small puddles etc but was also wondering how you get the ripples etc into it.



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I used it on this diorama


The baseboard was painted with my choice of Winsor & Newton Artisan water mixable oil colours, and when dry, the VSW was spread over to give a reflective sheen.

For ripples/choppy water I use silicone sealant.

I used Homebase's own sealant. It dried quite clear and although the cling-film stuck to it I easily pared it away with a sharp scalpel

I decided the seascape looked a bit flat and matt...

So out with the atomiser

and Klear liberally sprayed on

I think it just adds that watery sheen and reflective quality

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I have used Vallejo Still Water for the first time and filled a small ditch with it.

I mixed a drop of Vallejo brown color into it for a muddy appearance and built it up to about 2mm.

After approx. 12 hours it started to crack. The cracks widened within the next 12 hours.

I then applied another 2mm, this time with a very little amount of green color mixed in. Same result.

What happens here? I do not know why it develops these cracks.

Right now (24 hrs later) I poured in another layer of VSW, this time without any color added as this is the only source for the cracks I can think of....although I was sure some people did add Vallejo paints to their Still Water.

Anyone an idea?


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