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Hawker Hurricane Mk.I Detail Set for Airfix Kit - 1:72 Valiant Wings

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Hawker Hurricane Mk.I Detail Set for Airfix Kit

1:72 Valiant Wings


Airfix’s 1:72 scale Hawker Hurricane Mk.I is another stalwart of the Margate-based manufacturer’s range, having been around since the late 1970s. It enjoys a pretty good reputation for accuracy, with the exception of a slightly narrow nose. The kit is fairly basic and features raised panel lines, but on the other hand it’s much easier to get hold of that a Hasegawa Mk.I and cheaper than the Mk.Is available from Sword or AZ Model.


If you want to build a Mk.I Hurricane (who wouldn’t?) then Valiant Wings have just made the Airfix option a lot more tempting with the release of this resin upgrade set. Included in the sturdy cardboard box are the following goodies:

  • Replacement De Havilland propeller blades and spinner;
  • Replacement main landing gear wheels;
  • A much-improved replacement air intake; and
  • A new pitot tube.

All of The parts are all cast in grey resin. According to Valiant Wings, the casting was undertaken by CMR of the Czech Republic. The resulting item is just the sort of high-quality product that you would associate with CMR. The parts look accurate in shape and the finish is pin-sharp, particularly the beautiful air intake. The resin is smooth and the casting is flawless, with no bubbles in sight.

Whilst designed to address some of the weaknesses of the Airfix kit, there is no reason why these parts can’t be used on other Hurricane kits. Given the overall quality of this set, I certainly wouldn’t have any hesitation in using it on one of the more expensive Hurricane kits. This set is very good value too, and so can be highly recommended.


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