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WWI MkIV Male - Steampunk'd

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Great Work, Bandit!

The 'Punkers at Oamaru will be commencing work in due course, I'm sure...

Omegaman, what about finely sieved Kitty Litter? You could either soak it in Coffee/Tea, paint it, or leave it in it's natural glory... FWIW


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Guys, Thanks for all the kind comments. I've got more steampunked armour in the pipeline and will be starting a new work in progress build shortly.


Just need to bash out a few thousand more rivets first........ :banghead:

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks to everyone for their kind words and encouragement. I'm absolutely amazed at the number of hits this has picked up - I only started on steampunk as a bit of fun and a diversion from my usual WW2 British armour but I have to say I'm kinda hooked on the genre now. I've just posted an update to my latest Warhammer 40K Steampunk Leman Russ build on the Sci Fi/Fantasy forum and have a STRV 103 lined up for the steampunk treatement next.

Thanks again


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