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F-15E 00-3004 494FS, 48th FW Lakenheath


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here is my only build for this year(!), completed this week. I haven't done a 1/144 build since I was a kid, but decided to go that route as I don't have anywhere specific to make or put my models at the moment due to being in a new house we're redecorating, so small was good!

I used the Zactoman F-15 set which included new afterburner cans, CFT pylon and ejector seats, which are all superbly cast. Decals were printed from templates found at the planetspejic website, also including control panel decals. It was brush painted with citadel colours and vallejo before recieving a couple of coats of klear, then decals, another coat of klear then an oil wash of paynes grey. I then airbrushed xtracolour xdff but the oil was looked much worse after that unfortunately, I hadnt had that problem before. It is missing the code near the refuelling port as the numbers would be in white which can't be done with the printer, and I didnt have any that small anywhere. Anyway here's the pics-






Cheers for looking!

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Looks every inch an F15

Markings are much better than the gaudy ones in the kit

Also have the Zacto bits, the cans look perfect

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