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Airfix 1:72 Royal Navy Sea King HU5

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Heres the final photos of my RN Sea King, I've added some detail to the inside, opened up the port engine cover and opened the crew stair/door access.

I would say that Airfix have not addressed the poor fitting canopy on this model, dispite the new boxing its still the same skill testing model from "before time began".



And one together with my RAF Sea King from a while back.


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Very nice - now you should treat yourself to the Revell one for Christmas!!


I'll bang out the Asac7 and then treat myself I think.....should be ready by about 2015 at current build rates.


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That is a very nice model i always stuggle with Helecoptors how did you get the canopy to fit so well


Not as happy with the fit as I could be as it still over hangs slightly on each side, but the knack is to splay the panel below the front of the canopy and pack it out with evergreen, although there is a max amount you can get away with before it starts to distort.

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Very nice :goodjob:

You have made a Purse out of a pigs ear . Lovely job ,may be Airfix will update with a new mold !!! theres that fling pig again.
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