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A pair of colourful RAF trainers from Airfix

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Just finished these two Airfix kits, it's the new tool Folland Gnat and the very old tool DH Chipmunk.

After my 3 month Lightning build/slog, I fancied something a little easier.

Both kits were great to build with just a little added detail and the Chippie having a serious rivet reduction.

Thanks for looking, Gazza L








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A lovely couple of aeroplanes, but the Chipmunk is the star!

You've done a great job with that old kit, and that colour scheme does bring back memories!

Excellent work :goodjob:

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Excellent pair of models. The Chipmunk is one of the best I've seen here. The Gnat looks just right. If one could scale onseself down one could jump in and go!

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great photos

marvellous models and I agree with him...and him andhimandhimandhimandhimandhimandhim...

excellent work on the Chippy

20/10 for them ;)

They really do look special indeed


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