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Neo Air Compressor from Iwata


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Neo Air Compressor


Arriving in a small, quite stylish white box, with a black stripe to one side and the name of the compressor on all faces, this unit is like nothing else. On openng, you are confronted with a small black compressor, power supply, airbrush holder and airline. It looks more like an air pump for a fish tank than a modelling tool. Weighing in at 0.43kg the unit is nice and light, which may make it useful for who model when staying in hotels, and small enough for those with little space, or who don't need a full size compressor and/or tank.


The compressor itself is covered in a smooth rubbery material and is simplicity itself to set up. Just attach the power supply, (annoyingly with the plug pins upside down so that it makes it awkward to use anything more than a 4 plug extension block), to the connector on the left hand side, the compressors 1.5m airline to the outlet on the right hand side and the provided airbrush holder into its receptacle, also on the left hand side. The unit has no regulator or water trap, and relies on a push button on the top to turn it on and translate through the three power settings, medium, high and low. Maximum output is 15psi with airflow of 10.5lpm at 0psi using a 12V 24W motor. Maximum duty cycle is 10mins. The compressor does have an automatic bleed valve. In use, the unit is quite quiet, but has an unusual pulsating tone which varies when the airbrush is in use. Whilst there is little control of the pressure, the three settings seem to be enough to be able to get some very reasonable results, (certainly with correctly thinned enamels).



This is a strange little compressor and I'm really not quite sure which target market it is aimed at, other than the suppositions above. Whilst it does appear to work well and I have had no problems with it over the last few weeks of testing, I'm still not sure about it. Yes, it is quite a bit quieter than my current set-up, but that lack of fine control over the airflow did become a little tiresome. I'm also not sure how the unit will handle high humidity which, having had to empty the water trap on my compressor fairly often is quite a problem, and could mar a good paint job. The other problem with this device is the price, which some would say is a little steep for such a unit.


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I'm not sure, it would have to have a push fit for the hose though. I'll have a look, I'm sure Airbrushes.com would have it if there is one.

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I bought one of these compressors and also bought an Iwata BR airbrush.

I find the compressor very good, yes it will switch off after 10 minutes in order to cool down but for me this is not a problem. It has 3 pressure setting and I think the high one is 18psi maybe 20psi. I use Acrylics either Vallejo AIr and have used Andrea paints thinned with either water or Vallejo's own paint thinner all of which I have found really good. It has rubber hose which pushes onto the pump unit and then at the other end is screw fit for the Iwata airbrush range. You can get adapters for this, I have one so I can also use a Passche I have. I leave the hose attached as I can stick it all back in the box and store it way in the draw when not using it.

The main reason I bought this is for the size, I do not have a permanent setup (I use the corner of a desk with loads of paper spread out :) ) so its size and ability to get it up and running and put away again is for me great.

I am no expert in these things and I can see the advantage of the compressor + tank combo, which if ever we move to a bigger place I will get, however, for the moment this little compressor is great.

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