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T-34C Turbo Mentor, Sky High, 1/72 scale

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Well, I always wanted to build aircrafts of Falklands subject, and after a 1/48 Sea Harrier from Tamiya, I decided to build a T-34C Mentor, used by Argentina during the war.

Unfortunately, the two available kits of Mentor in this scale are not good, so I made a lot of scratch work to improve the kit. The complete build pictures and comments can be found here, at IPMS-Rio de Janeiro website: http://www.aprj.com.....php?f=8&t=3036

Some pics during the battle:




The finnished model:







I hope you appreciate !

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I appreciate that very much! That's a wonderful build of a very tricky kit.

Very nice indeed

Very nice result Gustavo, I love it!

Amazing result on a very small model. Parabéns.

Nice job, I have that kit and its basic to say the least.


Thank you so much !

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Looks great.

loving your work well done


Que é um grande modelo. Muito bem!

That looks amazing, I work in a hangar next to a de-rigged Argentinian mentor and it's almost identical! Great effort!

Thank you my friends !

AlexF389, nice to know that ! It's hard to find good references about this aircraft, but I tried to make my best !

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