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Curiosity...mars.nasa on the brink of historic annoucement,,

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Hi,all ..just checked news,and it seems were in for something special off nasa shortly,if i could do a link i would,go find it,looks like it could be history changing? Don

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The speculation is that they've found evidence of former or PRESENT life on Mars. However, they're keeping us waiting. More tests to perform. Perhaps they don't want a replay of the "life" that was found in that Martian rock over a decade ago. Let's hope they did discover life, and it's not some mundane, arcane discovery like they found the element selenium when they didn't expect to. We shall see.



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Possible discovery (in no particular order of likelihood):

- Flight 19

- Elvis

- 20-year old abandoned Ford Fiesta

- Transparent envelope stuck to front of Curiosity, containing a Fixed Penalty Notice

- 2013 HobbyBoss Release Schedule

(What? Methane? Damn...)

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Only Dust storms is as far as dramatic as it gets up there. Is it looking for different types of dust? If it is, I guess it is doing rather succesfully!

It's the "life forms" on this planet that i'm concerned about, apart from discoveries of life on other planets.


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Me too... although I can see why they've kept it secret to avoid the hoo-haa they had last time. Why didn't they just keep a lid on it completely until they were sure though? How do you keep an idiot in suspense? Exactly :(

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Police Box?

Call Centre?

Lines of traffic cones?

Just to quote from the Guardian article,

"Whatever Curiosity has found, it is not evidence for life on Mars. It can't be. Curiosity is not designed to look for life. Grotzinger has stated this himself. In a Nasa video about the mission, he says, "Curiosity is not a life detection mission. We're not actually looking for life; we don't have the ability to detect life if it was there.""

So no little green microbes, men or bugs.

Though just to point out it's only a month to the 21/12/2012....

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