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HMS Illustrious WWII Hinged W/T Masts Vertical v Horiz?

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Hi -- Building HMS Illustrious (Heller 1/400 + WEM PE) at time of Taranto (Nov 1940)

I've seen photos of the Illustrious at sea/at port with the hinged W/T masts all up, or all down. If I were modeling the Illustrious when it was launching Swordfish - would the masts be up or down?

I can appreciate how the task force might not be transmitting to maintain secrecy but were the towers 'up' in order to receive commo from, say Alexandria?


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As SHAR2 says, they would be down for launching and recovering aircraft, no matter whether they were transmitting or on radio silence.

Incidently, the rear masts - those behind the island on both sides, are dipole antennas with the cable running between the masts. Therefore all the masts, on each side, would be up or down together. Hope I've explained it correctly.


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