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RAAF CA-23 MkI Funnel-Web Dec46


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The story continues.....

With the Allied Alliance drawing more and more equipment in the renewed conflict with the Soviets in Europe, the numbers of new and replacement from England and the US had taper off drastically for the Commonwealth countries in the Pacific. Resources and manpower they had, new equipment they didn’t.

Now with the arrival of new Soviets jet powered aircraft to the skies over Burma these worn out and outdated aircraft were starting to cost valuable lives.

With newly acquired German designs, along with limited new aircraft from England and the US the local industries began to develop new aircraft for Commonwealth countries in SEA and the Pacific.

In December 45, by chance, some secret technical documents were found on redeployed Australian army servicemen returning from Europe. This gave the Australian high command a rather clever idea! Word was quickly spread that there may be some money and free booze to be made by anyone that could “provide” any further documents or equipment from old Nazi Germany. So began a rather strange phase of the war where anything not nailed down was either “acquired” or “last seen” near somebody called Bruce! They still tell the story of the German “Pocket” Battleship that mysteriously appeared, stuck in a creek just south of Townsville!!

From this activity the Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation (CAC) quickly got hold of both documents and examples of German jet technology. From these a series of new jet power fighter and attack aircraft were design.

One urgent requirement was for an “All Weather Heavy Fighter” urgently needed in the monsoonal conditions uncounted in Burma. This lead to the development of the CA-23 Funnel-Web, an All Weather Radar equipped Heavy Attack/Fighter, which entered service late 46.

The CA-23 was fitted with three engines, all Junkers Jumo clones, two wing mounted Jumo 012’s (advance versions of the 004) producing 2300lbs thrust, and a single larger Junkers Jumo 022 (found only in acquired drawings)producing 5900lbs thrust. An unconventional layout but that produced superb power for such a large aircraft.

The aircraft was fitted with modified FuG 240 “Berlin” radar and was the first to be equipped with the newly developed Air to Air missiles based on the German Ruhrstahl X-4. Along with 4x20mm cannons in lower fuselage pod, upper turret with Quad 50cal machine guns made it a formidable all weather fighter.

The Attack version had an additional six 1000lb under wing stores points help hat could hold a large range of stores including torpedos and newly designed Air to Surface missiles based on the “Fritz X” and Henschel He 293 missiles.

Ok, this was to be the main project with the Copperhead being something simpler on the side.....oh how that went wrong! This project also went onto the backburners as I “lost” some of the important bits, rear fuselage, engines...... Anyway after some rethinking and raiding to bits and scraps I have a new beast!

From the picture it doesn’t look much, with some bit being nearly 30 years old!!! This should go together fairly quickly, just have to sort out how the rear intakes are going to work?? :pray: Will probably have to raid the spares further as I go along but what you see here is a good starting point.

Have done a fair bit of cleaning up and started basic assembly, pics to follow shortly. As for the Copperhead...a wing fell off :crying: and lots of wee bubbles filled, update to follow a bit later.


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ok after burning the midnight oil I am now at a stage where it is all starting to make sense.


From this photo you can now start to see the key components and the basic layout, plus some of the bit used. The wing was originally not long enough as it has to mount an engine stores on the outside and the main gear on the inside. So a bit or re-profiling of the new inner sections followed!

The tail just needs a good tidy up, so happy with where that is in the grand plan.

The main body actually went together very much as planned, the rear radar operator's position worked out better than I had hoped, so just have to start re-contouring that section.

Still not sure how to tackle the air intake for the rear engine, they need to be in reasonably clean air and have a volume around twice that of the small wing mounted units. May been red wine to stimulate the brain!

Have attached a mockiup of how I hope it will look, though is probably subject to change as I raid the spares box further!


For those interested...or not here are some of the main donor parts, and alot predate the 90's!

Dragon P-61 B - fuselage

Airfix Mig-17 - rear engine (prob early 80's)

Revell He-219 - inner wing panel and tail (very early 80"s)

Outer wings - Revell Ta-154?? (not sure though was a horrible model, somehow ended up with two)

Engines - various Me-262 bits (??) with tail cone from old Airfix Il-76

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Still not sure how to tackle the air intake for the rear engine, they need to be in reasonably clean air and have a volume around twice that of the small wing mounted units.

Some form of triangular intake just under the aft wing roots? Something like a Vampire's intake but set under the wing rather than in the root would work.

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Hi Jess,

thanks for that, I had been giving it quite a bit of thought and was going to take the easy way out with intakes in the wing roots. But you got me thinking more and have dicided to go under the wing in a style sort of similar to that of the P-59 Airacomet, then blending into the tail section.....for now anyway. Can only find an old bomb bay door, so will make something around that.

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That looks like a great project, like the choice of aircaft and the core concept. Certainly a fascinating Black Widow development

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thanks for the support.

have had some major progress since the other day, things have gone far smoother than expected, should have chosen this as the major project....

as you can see from the photos every thing is coming together quickly, should be ready to pint very soon, compresor willing!!!


, wings and engines are now fitted, decided to add more fire power! Can never have enough! Seeing this is meant to be heavy fighter decided to add a couple of 30mm cannons in amount above each engine.

The bump in the wing tops was a necessity as there was no way the wheels would fit otherwise so added flared bulges to accommodate.


..cut in new wheel wells, will detail. Spent most od the time blending in the air intakes and the rest of the rear fueslage, will fit the tail section last, spect time as well cleaning that up. The intakes will be cleaned up once the major body work has been completed.


with tail, just to get an idea of how it's going to look.

Am very happy at how it's coming along, seems to be an easier project that I expected!!!

Honestly, turn my back on you lot for 5 minutes and look what happens! :lol:

Another cracking episode and idea :thumbsup:

actual I have so much free time at the moment I need to keep myself busy!

I an a "fly in fly out" engineer (plant manager actually), and work in central Queenland for two weeks at a time (two on, two off), so am on my off shift at the moment, so the free time.

a couple of the big projects, am a bit of a nightfighter fan........


yes a;

Dragon Ta 154, will have modified radar setup, antennae in the wings instead of the usual nose setup, from what I have found out there were a few of this type built but never built, prefer the more streamline appearance.

Golden Wing P-61A, built as is, big fan of this type of aircraft.......if you hadn't worked out.

Dragon Ju88-G6, building the long nose variant, unfortunately no one makes a conversion for this, only the "Berlin" long and short nose model.

All a getting close to planting (very), just hope compressor holds up, or Santa brings my one!!!

Next update should be painting stage,,gotta have this done before I start shift again!!!!!

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correction...."Dragon Ta 154, will have modified radar setup, antennae in the wings instead of the usual nose setup, from what I have found out there were a few of this type built but never flown, prefer the more streamline appearance".

hmmm a slight correction....there were a couple built but never flew (maybe), this late in the war you never know! It had the FuG-220 Lichtenstein antennas mounted in the wings instead of the nose as usual, though there is some dispute as to whether there was now a crew of one instead of the normal two. There is some disagreement on this andf a few other details, but at this late stage of the war anything was possible.

Anyway, looks really cool and soits such a sleek aircraft, sorry did say I was bit of a nightfighter fan!!!!!

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I realy like the progress and the blending of the elements looking good, an elegant shape seems to be emerging.

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hi all,

update time, have pretty well finished all the major work, filling and sanding etc........

so have now laid over first/undercoat to get a look at how things are shaping. very happy with how it's looking, very much how I wanted it to look. Have a couple of slight changes which will be added but other than a couple of touch-up bit and some panel grooving, things are ready for final paint job. Will have a white metal undercarriage plus you can see some of the things that will go bang!

Will only fit two missiles, were in short supply at the time!



blending has worked out very well, may add only the basic panel lines, do actually want to finish it! May replace fitted gun barrels with more realistic tubing, depends on time.



There are a couple of bad points behind each wing, the plastic is so fine (from sanding/blending) that it is melting with the filler! Easy to fix, but should have added plastic panels behind.....next time.

Should be painted next update.......


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Thts comming along in leeps and bounds, I had'nt the aft engine until now very nicely integrated.

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update time, though this will be the last before I go back on shift tomorrow......2 weeks away!

Painting has almost finished, just some small touch-ups before a gloss coat. A lot of time has been spent now on all the other little bits getting them sorted.

Being green overall does make it a wee nit dull, so have tried to duplicate 93 Sqn scheme which had the engine cowlings leading edge painted dull bronze, though that still may change a little bit, will think on it more.


Found a couple of leftover cannons from a Spitfire build, for more firepower and something a bit different fitted them to the pods above the engines. Trying to keep the pain work nice and simple, so probably won’t spend any more time, for now, with detail or weathering.


There are still a couple of spots that need rubbing down a bit, but this will add to the slight weathered (didn’t I say I wasn’t going to do that! :doh: ) finish.

Still haven’t properly tested the gear setup, hopefully will have the correct “look” when finally sitting on the gear. Have almost finished the rocket mounts, you see one of the wee rockets in the front....my precious! :mg:


Am really happy with the blending of the rear engine to the main body of the aircraft, was surprised how well the two donor bodies worked together.


Oh well two in the middle of nowhere will give me time to plan out the finish.


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thanks guy's.

Unfortunately I’m still on shift in the middle of nowhere, very frustrating. :tumble:

Had just applied a gloss coat and was ready to start adding the decals, these are from a local (Oz) supplier and look the part!! They come as a set of two, white base decals a then the actual coloured decal, this “should” help prevent the base green colour from showing through.....time will tell. The leftovers will probably end up on a Beaufighter.....not another project to add to the many!

Everything then should come together quickly for this one and the “Copper Head”, want to get them done and dusted. Head back out on shift again on the 26th. :frantic:

Plus gotta Bf-109 K4 to build for the next GB....... am a sucker for punishment. :mental:

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ok number 2......

as with the Copperhead, made heaps of progress today.

This I thought was going to be the hard build of the two, but actually has been much easier than I thought.

As with the other build the decals were great, leant from that one and didn’t make any of the same mistakes. Once everything had set gave the whole thing a coat on matt.

Next started fitting everything else. Finally got to see the beast, and must say it has come out much better than I had hoped, looks the part.

Can see a few things I would have done differently if I had the time, but from what it started as......am happy.

The missiles look cool, still have a few bits to add to finish. If time permits, may “add” a few extra bits, again, at this stage probably won’t weather it, may be something i do at a later stage.


It has a real nose up attitude, but think it suits it, though probable would be a b#tch to take off in! :pilot:


missles look the part, was going to add another set, but probably a bit over the top.


stinn have to fit exhaust nozzles, body blending is nice.


Againeverything has blended nicely, still have intakes to sort out, wonder what colour they would have been inside??? main wheel wells are a bit plain, but ........ Still a wee bit more painting and tiding up to do, but is getting close.


Other side...looks wicked!!!!!

Is a bit hard to believe 10 building day earlier (whilst having a painful build going on as well) it started as this (plus and minus extra parts)....with just an the plans being made up as i went! This was meant to be the hard build and maybe the one I wouln't actually finish!


With luck next post will be the end............maybe! :please::frantic:

Plus will hopefully take some better photos.......can't believe how cr#p my photos are!! :chair:

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Great work It reay does look like a whole world of flying hurt. Beautiful blending of the elements into a very beleviable airframe.

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The scheme really suits this one Rich. All those seperate parts came together very well to produce what looks a perfectly viable project and your paintwork helps show the lines off.

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OK, is finally done........ :yahoo:

Finished doing all the little extra bits…….stopped myself from doing even more extra little bits……. Am pleased with how it turned out, much better than I have ever envisaged.

Have completed the story for it…..gosh it’s a bit of a novel!! :sleep_1:

Now have to choose 4 pics to post in the gallery, plus will post some additional photos here.





I some how managed to loose the cover for the landing lights......no carpet monster didn't eat it.


so i was forced to come up with an replacement, was to lazy to make one out of plastic so used a small piece of plastic bag cut to size. Though the photo seems to show otherwise it fit snuggle to the wing and looks the part in real life, the lamps were made with a leather hole punchand a piece of lead (tin) from a wine bottle seal.

Thanks for all the encouragement, this really was a fun build. In fact have serious plans to scale this one up to 1/48th!! If I do, then I’ll probably start it off late next year all things going to plan, just have to get some more group builds I committed to out of the way. :doh: Plus it will give me plenty of opportunity to source all the bits required for the build.

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