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New Ship Related Releases

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Trumpeter have Montrose and Westminster as additional Type 23 Frigates, Huron and Zulu as warime Tribals but the biggest news is the 1/350th HMS Belfast cruiser !!!!!

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In the new Trumpeter Catalogue, Has Belfast in 1942 fit, they also have Dreadnaught in 1915 and 1918 fits, in 1/700 their is just the USS Maryland 1941, which is a shame as would love to see them scale the Type 23's down to 1/700 with a waterline option.

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Link to the Trumpeter catalogue, please....


Well i actually bought it John from HobbyEasy, no idea why its not bee copied and posted up on Chinese or Russian modelling forums as yet, but the Belfast is listed as 05334 HMS Befast 1942, the art work showing the wartime cruiser bridge with the tripod masts.

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