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Well spotted Chris. WIll have to get the IJN Carrier set as no-one has released anything for the Shokaku or Hiryu yet, and the Fujimi sets are long OOP.

In which scale and type of product are you talking about? I have the KA models flight deck wooden sticker and etch for the Aoshima 1/700 Hiryu (you can get one for Shokaku/Zuikaku as well) and I know Fine Molds do a set of weapons and fittings for Hiryu. There are also various etch for the masts of IJN carriers out there.

Also - someone mentioned the HP Models HMS Royal Sovereign, is there a release date for it as I can't see one on the HP website.



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Yes Mike, I do mean 1:350. Can't cope with 1:700 too much these days. For the Royal Sovereign you might want to ask John at British Forces Models as he's getting quite a few of HP's kits in stock.

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HP Models 1:700 HMS Royal Sovereign is due early next year. The cruiser HMS Gambia is due before the New Year.

I have just received a batch of 1:350 Rowengarth Tugs from Orangehobby. £12.99.



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Just received some NEW 1/700 PE

1/700 Akagi "3-flight deck" Photo Etch $20.00USD

This is a complete set for the Hasegawa Akagi "triple flight deck" kit. It contains rails, ladders, flight deck windbreaks, funnel grills, interplanes struts for the bi-plane Type 13 and Type 90 aircraft and ALL the lattice pillars and supports and more.

1/700 German WW2 Destroyers Photo Etch $14.00USD

Set for ALL World War II 1/700 scale German destroyers. This set has parts for detailing the new Dragon kits of Z-39 and Z-31 and the Trumpeter Z-25 and upcoming Z-28 as well as parts for HP Z-1, Z-9, and Z-10 and Samek Z-17 and Z-19 which have recently been re-released. Contains enough parts to do two kits. Can be used to detail Tamiya, Pit-Road and Matchbox kits as well.

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