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Grumman A-6E Intruder 1:48 Eduard

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Grumman A-6E Intruder

Eduard 1:48


The Kinetic A-6E Intruder kit has been out for a little while now and seems to have been well received. But there are always areas on the model that can be added to, and Eduard have picked up the baton with a selection of sets to detail the most important areas. Since the sets have been separately released the modeller can pick and choose which sets best suits the level of detail they wish to take their creation.

Interior Set (49597)

Contained in Eduards usual packaging this two sheet set, comprises a pre-painted self-adhesive sheet of size 70mm x 80mm, one bare brass sheet of equal size. The pre-painted sheet contains the replacement instrument panels and side consoles and control handles for the pilot and navigator panels, rear bulkhead circuit breakers, and coaming details. The ejection seats are fully detailed with a complete set of seat straps, leg restraints, ejection and seat separation handles, head box details and scissor shackle. The details on this sheet are very finely done and beyond what most modellers would be capable of reproducing.

The second, unpainted sheet contains more details for around the cockpit including replacement instrument boxes, panels, rudder pedals, canopy bulkhead panels, rear deck panels and boxes, for which the kit details will need to be removed beforehand, more coaming details, windscreen surround, canopy rear view mirrors, centre canopy details and side rails.




Interior Zoom Set (FE597)

This zoom set contains only the above pre-painted sheet and allows the modeller to build a well detailed cockpit without the hassle of bogged down with detail that might otherwise be deemed superfluous.



Equipment Bay (48730)

This single sheet set provides a complete equipment bay to add that special touch to the completed model. Before using this set the bays hatch needs to be carefully removed from the fuselage parts. The hatch dome will also need to be removed as this is required for the completed bays outer panel. The area inside the fuselage will also need to be boxed in with styrene sheet and if references can be found, detailed with the various pipes and electrical leads/connections. The equipment bay is built up of the outer framework and external panel, onto which the kits dome is attached, along with the etched chaff and flare dispensers, hinge brackets and reinforcing strips around the dome. To the framework, the equipment racks and shelves are inserted with their associated black boxes. The whole assembly is then attached to the underside of the completed fuselage of the kit.




This set consists of two equally sized sheets, each 138mm x 70mm. The first sheet, contains replacement parts for the wing tip airbrakes, engine exhaust and intake discs. The cockpit access ladders are enhanced by new steps, internal structure and hinge. There are numerous new access panels for the fuselage and wings, aileron hinge panels, exhaust reinforcing rings, wing fences, airbrake/wing internal structure, airbrake hinges, and fuselage slime light strips.

Sheet two contains the internal structure and new panels for what were the airbrakes on earlier marks of A-6, and which are equipment bays, more access panels, pylon rails, TRAM turret details, missile exhaust rings, bomb arming vanes, and drop tank access panels.




Wing Fold (48732)

This small single sheet set completely replaces the outer wing fold mechanism, hinge point cover plate, with optional parts for spread or folded wings. Additionally there are parts for the exposed wing structures and further folding mechanism details for the fixed part of the wing.




Eduard are renowned for producing very interesting and useful sets for the most fastidious of modeller and these sets are no different. Whether you choose just the zoom set for the cockpit or go the whole hog and buy the lot, either individually or as a Big Ed set you can’t really go wrong. Recommended.

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