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Williams FW15C, A Prost, European GP

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Had this sat on the shelf of doom for a couple of months so finally got round to completing it last night.


Tameo 1/43rd white metal kit. Wings and suspension are photo etch, wheels are turned and tyre are rubber.






Painted using Vallejo model air and Zero pre mixed gloss

Thanks for looking.


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Looks a real stunner.

I've built lots of 1/43 kits so I appreciate the skill thats gone into this one.

Looking at the pics, you'd never guess it was 1/43.

Many people here have probably never worked in 1/43 so they have little idea of how SMALL your model is - total wheel/tyre diameter around half an inch!

I've got the Tamiya 1/20 (similar) kit and it was a joy to put together.

Amazing job there. Really well done.


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Thanks for the comments guys.

xw302, yes they are small, overall dimensions are approx 11cm long and 4 cm wide. These kits are relatively simple compared with the World Championship Series Tameo do, still 1/43 but with over 300 parts and lift off body work! The Williams FW11 is a particular favourite of mine.



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real nice williams there. Not so easy in 43rd ;)

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Spad, yep really 1/43rd, here it is with a Tamiya paint pot.


And with a few of my other 1/43rd builds, the second from the left is one of the Tameo World Champion Series, full engine detail and lift off parts. Amazing models with some 300 - 400 parts!!


Thanks for the comments.

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Cheers Guru,

I prefer this scale to 1/20 due to size and subject availibility, only draw back is price with a good kit setting you back anything between £40 and £120.

When you add a few figures they make excellent diorama!




Tameo have just released the RB8 from Bahrain and that will set you back £73 without any engine detail!

A nice RB8 pit stop diorama would be a fitting gift from the team to SV, I'm available for commissions!!

All the best,


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Cheers Paul, have a good one yourself.

Steve, the Honda was a strange commission considering the subject and as you say the story behind it. It was the SRC kit though I did modify it a bit to make it stronger for posting to the USA.

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Mmmm. Your customer must have an interest with the macabre.

Thinking about it though, you could have a huge collection if you based it on crashed cars and deceased drivers. Especially from the 50's to the 70's.

Doesn't bear thinking about really.

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