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Bader's Spitfire V a


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Have just started the Airfix 1/48 Spitfire V a as flown by Douglas Bader and have a question regardibg the oil cooler fitted to this aircraft.

The instructions show a version with a "D" shaped opening but my reference show a different version with a round hole at the front.

The kit does contain another oil cooler and this has a round hole but is the wrong shape in plan.

In fact when I think about both types included in the kit box seem wrong.

Can anyone throw some light on this subject please?



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Just to embellish Graham's comments, a fair number of Vas were built with the previous style oil cooler, and it took a few months to catch up with all Mk.Vs that needed the retrofit. I'm pretty confident that by the time of his failure to return, Bader's would have had the new style.


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According to the Air Ministry, all airframes delivered after 13-4-41 had the "Mk.III" oil cooler fitted as standard; W3185 was delivered to 39M.U. 11-5-41, so must have included the larger item.


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The kit essentially is their Mk Ia/Mk II kit, just reboxed with new decals as the V style oil cooler comes standard in the kit anyway. You may not get all the bits in the Va to do the Watts 2 bladed prop version with the skinny canopy, but the plastic should build okay into a Ia or a IIa if you so desire (assuming the DeHavilland prop is still present for the Ia on the trees). A few of the sprues also come from the Mk IX kit as well.

The "D" type oil cooler shape for the Ia/II isn't quite right either. Its a bit too tall. I am doing mine up as a Ia and had to cut the cooler down a bit to give it a more proper slim profile compared to the protruding nature of the Mk V unit. But it wasn't anything my Dremel tool and a cutoff wheel couldn't handle.

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I am doing the same project. You may find the following discussions helpful:

Spitfire V - Best way to paint the Camo


Pre-Shadding and Washes


Airfix A50030 - Spitfire Va Douglas Bader


My biggest hassle was ignore the paint chart. Use Tamiya Green and mix your brown as per the Camo thread

Good luck and look forward to some pics

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