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This is my oldest model. Its the original issue Ecto-1a from AMT. I bought this in about 1992 from Comet Miniatures i think. Its been sitting in a box in the loft for the last few years and it was covered in dust and dirt. I got it downd and cleaned it up yesterday. I must say im impressed with my modelling skills from the 90s! Theres a few small things like the ariel and tail lights missing. I was tempted to redo some of it , but i think i will leave it as a kind of time capsule.

I may get the reissue and build it to go along side. It will be interesting to see if my skills have progressed at all over the last 19 years!




See i can actually keep something without selling it!!! :winkgrin:

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I fancy doing that too. Do they give you the Ecto 1 decals in the 1a kit now?

Yup! Right down to the number plates.. (The re-issue kit now available at modelzone with the green detailed box art..) The instructions however tell you to merely omit the light boards if you're building Ecto 1, but it needs a bit more surgery than that, as you know.. But most of the hard work is done..

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