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Revell 1/72 Type VIIC/41 U-boat `U995`

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Remarkably good finish on those steel plates...exactly what you would expect to see after months/years of hard service in a viciously corrosive environment - looks just right! The starved horse effect over the frames very effective too.... best hull I've seen! :thumbsup:

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Hell, that just shows even more the patience and the quality of work you've put into this mate.

I don't suppose you'd consider running a "How to build Submarines Master Class" on Youtube? :winkgrin::thumbsup:

After seeing the builds on here, I have just blown a load of money on 1:144 subs and 1:350 destroyers. Yes, it's your fault

I'm sleeping in the spare room, you and others on here are to blame! :lol:

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Absolutely magnificent -it has improved my quality of life just seeing this! Many thanks for sharing this awesome creation; you must be well thrilled with the finished item.

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Iv'e just lost the will to live! lol

I keep having to come back to this build, it's becoming obsessive!

It's Unfortunate some of the photo's seem to have been removed though.

Absolutely amazing, how did you replicate the pitting on the props that is so realistic.

The weathering on the planking looks so real!


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This is not a model...... you have found a way of shrinking the real thing ;o)

You have set the standard that us mere mortals must seek to obtain !!!

Please, please, please when you do the Flower class corvette post pictures of work in progress.

Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

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Unreal !!!!!!!!!!!!! Superb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic!!!!!!!!!

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