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Tamiya 1/48 Bf-109E-4

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Here's my second entry.

I had two of these in the stash so I thought that I just had to get another Emil on the bench. I finished an E-3 last year and loved it, so this one should hopefully provide as much satisfaction if not more, knowing what I now know about getting a Tamiya Emil to look stunning.

The kit and aftermarket:


The likely decal option (Red 7), may change it depending on how I feel at that stage, but ya gotta love a touch of yellow and a roll of a dice:


Aftermarket part 1:


Aftermarket part 2 (with the best looking resin prop I have ever seen!):


Aftermarket part 3:


Nothing else required for this build. Like the G-6, thoroughly looking forward to it, but won't begin until the 108 is off the bench or close to it.

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