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1/32 Hasegawa Bf109G-6 Lt Hartmann 9/JG52 Eastern Front 1942/1943

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Sorry I am late!

Back again and pleased to be amongst esteemed company.

As outlined in the teaser this is the kit:


This is the scheme:


Here are the often fondled but newly unpacked sprues:


Here are the references:


I have had this kit in the stash for ages awaiting "one day" and there was some concern that I didn't show any AM in the teaser. I can lay the rumour to rest that this will be OOB and reveal the AM:


and just when you thought it was over:


I have a choice of either the RB harness or the new Finemolds set.


Well there it is in all its details. I have a number of choices as far as AM parts and I may not use them all (who am I kidding!!). I am even considering riveting this one so that is my new technique for this GB. Thanks for stopping by and good modelling to us all!

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Plenty of Aftermarket there. Those Finemolds seatbelts look interesting. I've built the Hasegawa 109 and it's a lovely kit. The MDC cockpit fits well from what I remember and looks great when painted.

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The fine molds belts look good where did you get them from

I got them from Hobby Link Japan (HLJ) a couple of weeks ago. They come in 1/32 and 1/48 for Luftwaffe and IJN a/c. The detail is very fine but obviously there is no "stitching" as on the Eduard belts. The only concern I have is getting them to drape, which is where the RB belts are superior. But I am hoping the application of some hot air (a hair dryer...not self generated) will make them more supple.

Plenty of Aftermarket there. Those Finemolds seatbelts look interesting. I've built the Hasegawa 109 and it's a lovely kit. The MDC cockpit fits well from what I remember and looks great when painted.

I think the MDC cockpit was amongst the first AM that i got. I have had th kit for ages and just added stuff to it.

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Hello all,

Well I have finally managed to make a start. I have set about the MDC cockpit, cleaning up the larger parts and removing casting blocks. I checked the main deck fit at the rear, behind the seat and removed a notch to accomodate the MDC piece as the kit part sits underneath. Using my Micro chisel,I have also thinned the plastic underneath so the MDC part fits flush. I have also removed the moulded detail on the fuselage sides to accomodate the new side walls.

I intend to rivet this one and have an MDC riveter on the way. I will join the fuselage halves, clean up the joins appropriately and rivet the fuselage. I hope to be able to then insert the completed cockpit from underneath before affixing the wings. At least that is plan A.

Sorry there are no photos as yet but next time.


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With the speed of a startled glacier, I forge ahead!

Camera on the fritz at the moment so just a descriptive update. I have removed the moulding from the the kit cockpit walls and installed the MDC side walls. Used the floor to ensure the position on each side and I am pretty happy with the result. Next up is RLM 66 base coats for the cockpit and IP. The MDC 1/32 rivet tool arrived and after some practice on an old scrapper, it does look the bees knees for 32 scale rivets.

Because you can never have too much AM, I have obtained the Aires radio compartment for the build. I drilled out the small holes in the external cover panel and lined up the PE which will make the lip of the compartment. I then taped the PE piece in place and marked the edges. The plastic will need to be thinned to scale so I will thin down the entire area before removing the plastic cover. Hopefully this will leave me with a scale opening with the PE sitting in position just inside. The Aires instructions would have you just drop fit the interior wall onto the starboard fuselage. The rear of the resin butts up against the forward mount for the tail piece. It doesn't look right and I think it needs to be further aft. I will check when I have made the opening. This will mean removing the tail supports because a) it is in the way and B) it will be seen through the opening which means I will need to carefully attach the tail modules without the benefit of the internal support. Gods of alignment don't fail me now! After that RLM 02 for the radio bay and detail painting.

After that the fuselage can go together and I will commence riveting the fuselage.

I have also annealed all the RB PE (canopy and wheel wells) and given all the PE a coat of metal primer.

I hope to get some pictures soon.


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As promised here are some pictures:


Overall view of the starboard fuselage. I went with my gut and removed the tail module supports and moved the Aires radio insert back to the rear.


A little fettling and it fits okay.


The view from the back.


The panel insert has been cut away and the fuselage thinned to accept the PE.


The resulting "scale" thickness. I could have taken a little more away.


The "view" through the panel opening.


The tail with the mounting blocks removed. The alignment is good thus far and it looks as though it will be an easy task to fix to the fuselage (famous last words!)



Cockpit side walls. It will look better after I add some paint. Thanks for looking.


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Glacier like momentum maintained. At this rate I probably won't make the deadline but will plow on regardless. More work on the cockpit and RB harness together. It is a thing of beauty but not withou drama. Pictures and more soon.


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Back again...

Here are the RB belts:




They turned out well in the end and definately will be a part of other 1/32 builds. I commenced on of the shoulders straps and followed the printed instructions I had in front of me. After I had the harness together, it just didn't look right. These belts were purchased some time ago and the instructions would have you fit the adjustable buckles (part 6) on the shoulder harness uppermost above part 3. It just didn't look right and after some checking, I realised that Mottlemaster had the same belts in his GB build. A check of his build showed that his instructions indeed had been altered (parts 3 and 6 have been transposed). After some angst and trimming I managed to get the result shown above. I am not going to touch them again with a wash or pastels as I am happy with the worn and dirty look they have attained just through me handling them.


This morning I set about the RB canopy and apart from some ham fistedness on my behalf, it came out okay. Ready for painting and then the clear parts can be installed.




The cockpit had some more work, adding rudders and such and it and the sidewalls got a base coat of RLM66.




The mercury has hit 43C here today which makes it very uncomfortable in my loft (about 50C) where I build. Even with a couple of electric fans it is just too hot to continue!


Thanks for looking.....

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