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Duo of Tarangus Lansens - both the A32A and the J32B

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Let's start by pointing out the obvious. For the past 20 years or so, I haven't exactly been a modell builder, but rather a collector. I have started on several kits, but haven't finished anything. So this group build was a God's send! Now I have to build some kits from the stash and finish them as well!!

The idea is to build the new Lansens in 1/48 scale from Tarangus. I'll do both the attack and fighter version at the same time. Hopefully I will be able to split the mistakes I will make between the two kits..

I'm sorry for the poor image quality. I'm using my Iphone as I have managed to break TWO DSLRs this year!!


So, first up are some sprue pictures! First the sprue for the fuselage of the fighter version!


Then we have the attack version!


The remainder of the sprues are common (I think..)




I will see if this ejector mark disappears under the spar which is on top or if I have to do something about it..


For the A32A I will use photo etch for the cockpit. For the J32 I think I'll use the decals provided. At least at first..


Resin for the fighter version! Different seats compared to the attack aircraft!


And the photo etch..



And finally, the decals!! First for the fighter!


And then the attacker!


Now, I just need to clear my work space and pray that the kids will stay asleep when daddy turns on the compressor and starts using the airbrush...

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Progress has been painstakingly slow on these kits.. My absence from the hobby has been too long! All my paints have dried up during storage and I can't find half of my tools.. When my wife brought me a surgeon's scalpel from her work (she's a midwife), the first thing I did was to cut myself and bled all over the working table..

Some progress have been made on these beautiful kits though. The A32A cockpit is ready for painting and photo etch, so hopefully I will have an update for you soon!

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Not an easy subject for a 'first' after any longer abscence - I finished the A32A two weeks ago and the kit has it's issues...

I can see in your photos that at least the fighter version has a Resin part for the engine. The plastic part included in the A32A is simply unusable and I made a complete new one from scratch.

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