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de Havilland Sea Hornet NF21, Classic Airframes 1/48th scale

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HI all - she's finished at last. You can find the WIP here: http://www.britmodel...=234923967&st=0

In brief - fuselage lengthened, and main UC postions moved aft to give more rake.

Brush painted with a mix of Aeromaster and Tamiya acrylics, detail painting with vallejo and Citadel. Kit decals used to represent

VZ672 481 Q of 809 Sqn FAA on board HMS Vengeance 1951. A bit of light weathering applied, but nothing too much.

( yes the wingtip pitot tube is in the wrong place for an NF21- I realised after I'd CA'ed it in DOH!)

Hope you like her.







Edited by Jon Kunac-Tabinor
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Top job Jon, very nice indeed, the WiP thread was required reading for its duration and the RFI photos are a testimony to your hard effort on her.

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Top work Jonners! This is excellent.

Have you thought of adding the drop tanks or rocket rails? Just a thought.

Hi David, glad you like her! I want to add drop tanks but don't have any. My plan was to wait for the Trumpy Vampire and nick the tanks from that (with some suitable reshaping and modified pylons)

Once again, many thanks for your help and assistance wit the build, you were indispensable!



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