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J 26 Mustang - North American P-51D (Tamiya 1/48)

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Time to get this one of the shelf if I'm going to be able to complete it in the allowed time frame (being a notoriously slow builder)

The Tamiya 1/48 P-51D kit in Tuskegee boxing


The goodies. I will also be adding a ultracast cuffless propeller


The outstanding decals from Robert Bergwall (RBD decals that made the decals for the Tarangus Lansen kit)


I'll be making S/N 26075 F16 blue M with the big pony on the side.


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Have been working this past week with getting the wheel well from Vector to fit the tamiya wing.

After sanding the plastic to almost see through thickness i got everything to line up.

The wheel well painted Zinc Chromate Yellow with aluminum details.



Glued in place. The cooling? pipes are also in place.


From the other side


Another angle


Next up is the cockpit.

Even with Eduard details i thought that the cockpit looked a little bland, so i shelled out for an Aires replacement.

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The Aires cockpit parts are all painted and lightly weathered.

Almost ready to be installed in the fuselage.

I've added a few cockpit placards and instrument faces from airscale to add a bit more interest.


Some closeups


Right Side




Seat and armor plating


I modified the aires seat slightly by removing the molded on liferaft attached to the back of the seat.

The swedish pilots used back parachutes and i don't think that the leferaft on the seat worked to well together.

The harness is still missing. I've tried to use the PE harness from Eduard, but i couldn't get it to look as i wanted so i have ordered new ones from HGW.

And the IP



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Time for an update i think.

Progress on th mustang has continued at a steady pase, just haven't had the time to upload any photos.

The fuselage has been assembled.

The tail wheel well from quickboost installed as well as the radiator and oil cooler with some added PE from eduard


The cockpit parts installed in the fuselage.

I mounted the cockpit sides to the plastic parts before gluing on the tub itself.



The IP and control stick in place. Still missing the seat due to the seat belts from HGW has yet to arrive.


The fuselage glued together. No need for any filler here, everything fits like a glove.



I've also removed the molded on rudder, to be replaced bu an ultracast replacement.



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Very nice interior detail and painting. The Swedish Mustangs always seem more interesting in my estimation due to being so seldom seen in modelling.

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Thanks for your kind words guys.

A bit more progress. It's good to have a few days off at the holidays to get some building done.

The seat harness from hgw has arrived and been assembled. I say assembled because these little gems are like a small kit in itself, they are so much better than PE seat belts.


The wing has been glued together with the fuselage and the molded on guns removed to make place for ultracast replacements.


After a bit fiddling the ultracast guns fits quite well.


The wings on the Mustang had almost all it's panel lines puttied over and painted with aluminum lacquer, so i have filled those panel lines with mr. surfacer 1000.


A good reference for what panels to fill can be found here: http://www.fundekals...StencilInst.pdf

I have also glued on the ultracast elevators and rudder.


more to come...

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After the panel lines in the wing was taken care of (i removed the mr. surfacer with q-tips dipped in tamiya thinner) the entire model was given the micromesh polishing cloth treatment.


When i dry fitted the flaps from ultracast i was in for a surprise...

For some reason they are way to short (maybe due to resin shrinkage).



I solved the problem by cutting of a piece from tamiyas parts and sticking it to the ultracast flaps, all good.




The squadron canopy was next up...

The front screen is fitted and glued in place with gator's grip



I glued in some PC reinforcements in the canopy to stop it being to flimsy. Also the reinforcement bar from ultracast was glued in place.

One of the things (the only?) that was special about the Swedish mustangs was that it had a luggage rack mounted in the canopy. Here Red Roo models comes to the rescue with their ferry pack (apparently the Aussie mustangs had a similar arrangement)


The luggage rack during dry runs



And all painted up





Now the model is ready for paint.




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Painting has begun.

Started of with shooting the parts that where painted aluminum on the real thing with alclad gray primer: wings (except fuel tank access panel, aileron and gear doors), rudder, elevators and aileron trim tabs.


Grey painted areas masked off ready for gloss black.




Model Master gloss black painted and the result looks rather interesting.




A light polishing with some 8000 grit micromesh and it's ready for alclad.





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Alclad has been applied.

I used regular aluminum on the wings and fabric cover areas and airframe aluminum on the rest.






I'll tone down the shine somewhat and add some light weathering.


Stay tuned. There's still hope to get this one in before the GB ends.



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It's ready for the sprint to the finish, good thing we got another week to complete on.


The Alclad paint job was toned downed with a cote of future and the anti glare panel painted black.

The spinner painted with model master dark blue lighted with white to match the roundels.


Decals from RB Decals are all on. These are absolutely a gem to work with, they are nice and thin and looks painted on after a little micro set/sol. They are in perfect register and all little stencils are readable.


The decals was overcoted with another coat of future, which on the wings was flattened a bit with some tamiya flat base.

To top everything off the wing walk was painted with flat black and dark gray.











To be finished....

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It's almost done now.

The landing gears are all painted and glued in place.

Tail wheel assembly




And the main wheels

Added a few Eduard PE details and brake lines from 0,4mm led wire. Wheels from ultracast.






Underwing pylons mounted with some scratched sway brace details.


Radiator flap added


And here she is on her legs





To do tomorrow....paint and install the exhausts, assemble prop, add some panel line wash and weathering...


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