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Trumpeter 1/48 Wyvern

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... without the Musketeer stripes. Been waiting since 1978 to build one of these, ever since I saw that Frog made a 1/72, so after a 30 year hiatus from modelling I got my chance.

I thoroughly enjoyed making this - I know, a few errors, I shan't point them out - I know what they are. Also I know they didn't carry the torpedo - but it looks very, well... naval!

Sorry abou the rushed photography I'll have to get a few tips from you guys, there's some great stuff on here, but I wanted to snap it before the cleaning lady came round - I have a Sea Fury that was 'dusted' once and never quite looked the same after she tried to repair it!

I'd recommend this kit to anyone, went together a dream with a couple of exceptions - the wing roots need a bit of encouragement to line up with the corresponding fuselage - nothing that superglue and a firm hand can't deal with, also the rockets aren't great - not quite sure why they have to be made they way they are: with separate tails that don't fit very well (and keep breaking off).

I wish I'd painted the EDSG first though - would have made masking much simpler. The Florry models dark wash worked quite well I think bringing up the surface detail (and showing up some 'issues' in my finishing too).

This was my first time with Micro Sol / Set - which I also though worked well (despite me spilling most of both bottles about an hour after getting it home - those tall, thin, light plastic bottles are just asking to be knocked over by a klutz like me!

The contra-prop does work!





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She'll need those RATO bottles to get off the deck carrying that load! :lol:

Said it a few times lately but us FAA fans are being treated with a fantastic selection of well made models in RFI over that last couple months.

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Thank's all.

I really appreciate the encouragement,

I did read somewhere that they couldn't take off without the aid of the RATOGS, when tooled-up they weighed the same as a DC-3 apparently!

Thanks again!

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Lovely job, and nice to see one without the stripes for a change.


- and with the wings spread.

A small question - is the inner side of the tailplane fins dirty?

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Great result!

Regarding Microscale bottles - after similar accidents, I now sit them inside a roll of duck tape lying on its side - even if I do knock them down, they won't spill anything!


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