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This bagged kit was bought a Telford in 1999 for a whole pound!

Story goes that IPMS Avon was offered a van full of kits, about the night before the show.

They put them in for the kit-swap, which was self-help that year.

Their stall-holder was bored, and let me have this for a quid.

I can't show you boxart, as it wasn't in a box.


Part started - but well under 25%, ARE ALL THE BITS THERE?? That's the gamble.

Almost everything is removed from the sprues, so a definite jigsaw build!

Years later at Telford, I offered IPMS Sweden SIG my unused decals for a Viking DC-6 kit.

They very generously gave me this set of decals for the final flights of a JA37 Viggen.


A quick peruse of the instructions leads me to believe that I can build a JA-37 from the kit, with minimal pain - we'll see.

This won't be a quick start as I'm busy on WhatIf II GB at the moment.

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While we're waiting - here's everything else Swedish Military that I've built.

Trying to get them into chronological order:

First a Matchbox Viggen from 1977.


If spare decals fit - this model could be refurbished.

Then an Airfix Draken from 1988:


Next a Heller Lansen from 1996 - modified in 2011 for the Rescue diorama:


Another Airfix Draken from 2004


Finally an Airfix Vertol from 2011:


For this Swedish Boxart Rescue diorama:


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I painted the cockpit bits earlier tonight. Hopefully some photos tomorrow.

I will be installing a pilot in this one, it's still possible that parts are missing - and I have to built it as in-flight.

From what I read the JA-37 is a second generation Viggen interceptor. The book says that JA-37 aircraft are the only planes to radar lock the SR-71 Blackbird - so quite a capable machine!

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Great work so far!

The JA37 was indeed half a generation newer than the AJ37. In fact, the JA37DI (the last mod of the Viggen) was more capable than the Gripens replacing it at the time. That has changed though.. The most noticeable difference between the older Viggens and the JA37 is that the fighter version is 10cm longer (in order to accomodate the RM8B, the extension can be seen between the canards and the main wing), has four hydraulic actuactors for the ailerons/flaps and a different fin. And of course the gun box! Keep in mind also that the external tank has four fins and not three as on attack Viggens!

It's true that the Viggen had a radar lock on the Blackbird. Rumour has it that the day after, a box of champagne bottles was delivered to the pilot who had managed the radar lock. How did the yanks in less than 24 hours manage to find out which pilot at which squadron at which wing had pulled that feat off..? I guess it's just a story, but a good one!

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Thanks for the additional info - all very interesting stuff.

My Viggen is now like this. Bit of a scare this morning when the Stbd canard went awol for a few minutes.

Sadly one piece missing from this kit is the gun box - hopefully optional on the real plane.



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By the 'eck, you don't hang about do you? :D I've only just managed to put the wings together on mine.

I'm building an SH37 from the JA kit, so I won't be using the gunpack. PM me your address and it is yours.

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What an interesting scheme - quite subtle, but with just enough 'flourishes'.

I'm looking forward to seeing this progress :popcorn:


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Sorry about the gunbox.. Especially since it in fact is an integral part of the plane! However, a new (and better one) is made by Maestro Models. I bought mine from Rebell Hobby (http://www.rebell.com/ja37-viggen-oerlikon-belly-canon.html?___store=international&___from_store=default) but I think that Hannants has it as well.

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Sorry about the gunbox.. Especially since it in fact is an integral part of the plane!

Fortunately Enzo Matrix has offered the unused gunbox from his kit. Many thanks Enzo.

Now that the canard flaps have been pointed out - I'll pose them correctly.

In the mean time I've smoothed all the seams


And added a HUD to the cockpit


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Yay! Looking good. :thumbsup:

I'm still messing around with the fuselage of mine!

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Not finished yet - and upper surfaces only, but well pleased!

And so you should be! :thumbsup:

What yellow paint did you use? I have never seen yellow paint cover as well as that.

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