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need help, photos information on the first vulcan b2's


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Hi Folks I need some help, I would really like to know which vulcan b2s carried the original antiflash white scheme al la b1 style with full shade roundels black serials and which ones carried the serials under wing.

Now as i understand it the first batch of b2s were actually going to be b1s and the centre section was built as a b1 and then in the factory the new lager wing fitted and some fitted with the new ecm cone some with larger intakes. as i understand it xh558 was one of these.

im confident xh537 xh535 were in this scheme along with xh533 which i know had the serials under wing also and was basically a b1 with b2 wings.

Im sure i have seen xh558 in white with full shade roundels and possibly the original larger cross of lincoln on the tail but im not certain.

Id love to know which were in the original scheme and if anyone has any photos i really would love to see them.

I hope someone out there can help. cheers Rob

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