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Monogram 1/72 HU-16B/ASW Albatross (rvhp conversion)

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Brilliant, excellent, very different from the norm

Everything is different from me ;)

Excellent model .. in fact it's Superb :thumbsup2:

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Hi, your HU-16B ASW is beautiful! I just bought the 1/72 RVHP kit from Aviation Megastore. Just waiting for the 1/72 RVHP HU-16 A kit so that I can have them shipped together. Do you think it would be worthwhile to replace the engines with Aires or Vector units? I'll definitely lightly re-scribe the panel lines, drop the flaps and deflect the control surfaces. SAC doesn't offer 1/72 landing gear, so I'll have to scratch build those. I don't know how much effort I'll put into building a flight deck or interior.  I do have a bunch of Eduard Tracker/Tracer interior PE sets that I could use, but they are a finite quantity. Wish me luck! Nick

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