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Hangar Profile: American Indians Artwork and P-47's of the 19th FS on Saipan (Profile Book)


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American Indian Artwork & Emblems / P-47's over the Pacific: 19th FS on Saipan (Reference book)

Landscape Publications No.1


If you're a fan of reference and profile books, then you may well be interested in this. The first of what I hope will be many more to follow, this book focuses on two themes. The first being aircraft that wore artwork and emblems featuring American Indians and the second looking at the P-47's of the 19th Fighter Squadron based on Saipan. Presented in an A4 soft back landscape format you get 64 pages containing a mixture of beautiful aircraft profiles, artwork images, photographs and text giving useful information about the paintwork and markings on the individual aircraft. The pages are printed on high quality semi-gloss paper. The book was written and illustrated by Thierry Dekker (Crazyflytox here on Britmodeller) with Neil Page who did the translation to English from Thierry's native language French. Let's look at little bit closer.

American Indian Artwork and Emblems


The first chapter features an eclectic collection of aircraft between WWI and WWII that feature artwork of American Indians. Stunning and accurately detailed profiles include those of the P-51D, FW190, Spad XIII, Curtiss H-75's, P-40's, Hurricanes, Typhoon, Hellcats, Spitfires and P-47's with expanded images of the Indian artwork. Particular text reference is made to the pilots that flew them and distinguishing features not only of the artwork and markings displayed on the machines, but also the weathering and in field repaint effects which are very useful for us modellers. The large profiles are supported by period photographs.



P-47's Over the Pacific: The 19th FS on Saipan



Great research into the specific detail of the paintwork and markings on the P-47's that flew from Saipan with the 19th Fighter Squadron has been carried out. From this, 21 individual aircraft side profiles (as well as a top down and bottom up profile) have been stunningly illustrated backed up by 34 photographs and enlarged illustrations of the artwork worn amongst other details. Taking the same format as the previous subject, reference to the paintwork, pilots and unique characteristics of the individual machines is written making this a very interesting read as well as a great modelling reference.

In summary, what you get in this book is:

  • 64 colour pages in A4 landscape format printed on semi-gloss high quality paper
  • 64 photographs - 2 colour
  • 55 high quality colour profiles of 10 aircraft types, many with additional artwork images
  • Supporting text referring to paint variations, markings, emblem origins and specific details to the individual aircraft illustrated


To add greater value to the series, Thierry is looking to partner with a decal manufacturer so that they can release decal sheets focussing on the subjects contained in his books. If anyone is interested in this venture, please contact him through his website linked in the logo at the bottom or PM him (crazyflytox) through Britmodeller. He's also looking for distributors for the USA, Australia and Japan. I can assure you that after reading the book, you will be inspired to build some of these aircraft, so I like the idea of a potential partnership !


The specific detail in the book is not only useful, but an inspiration to build the aircraft illustrated. The stunning quality and accuracy of the artwork really adds value as a reference tool and the written information is an interesting read. I really like the unique subject theme for the American Indian artwork and the Jug fans will be left drooling ! Having now got this review sample in my collection, I'm certainly looking forwards to the series developing !

Review sample courtesy of


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Hi all

If you missed my Profile Hangar No.1, there's

no better time to buy, as I is offering a generous discount in a special Spring
Sale. Volume 1covers ten different aircraft types, including the P-51, P-40, P-47, Hurricane,

Spitfire, Typhoon, Curtiss H-75, Fw 190, Spad XIII and Hellcat. There are
fifty-nine profile artworks, of which forty-seven depict nose art, backed up by
over sixty photos.

The special price is just 19 Euros, and the limited offer runs until March 31st.

(Normal Price 28 Euros)


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