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Made a start on this fighter and first thing i noticed is how small it is. I also noticed that the instructions are not for a novice.

The internal parts were sprayed raf internal green as a closest match


Fuselage cemented together


Then the wings using a band to aapply dihedral and to narrow the gap in the wing root.


The engine mount was bruashed with SnJ's polishing powder and then cemented in place. Cowling was also painted hu78.


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Nice start!

Be careful when you fit the engine and cowling. The fit is not the greatest and you will end up with a "nose up" attitude otherwise.

The J22 is one of my favourite aircrafts. We have one of the three preserved planes at our museum.

This is "Röd Kalle". It's engine is working but it's not permitted to fly.


The front end of the cowling is not correct for a J22. It's actually borrowed from a Seversky P-35A (J9 in Swedish Air Force)!


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could you easily fit the dashboard ? i am having trouble finding a place for it... not much room in cockpit..

It wasnt easy and as you say there is no real home for it. I filed it slightly to fit in the curves of the inner fuselage.

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Some progress on the little fighter but i realised this was nearly two weeks ago, time flies.

Anyway, I airbrushed her with tamiya XF-61 and XF-19.


Then the canopy was hand brushed and affixed.


Underside Camo.


U/C Affixed using the pics in Pabbis build. and prop cemented together to see how she fitted.


Prop painted ready for decals.


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I cant belie3ve its been over a month since I last posted progress, especially when there wasnt a lot left to do.

Anyway she is complete and ready to move onto the next AC.

J22B Vid 1: a divisionen F8 Varen 1946







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