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If any of you guys are building any of these following birds and need references, let me know since I work at the museum at former air base F 10 at Ängelholm.

We have a FFVS J 22, J 29F Tunnan, J 35J Draken, AJSF 37 Viggen, JAS 39A Gripen, SK 60 (SAAB 105), SK 50 SAAB Safir and a HKP 3 AB 204 Helicopter.

Just let me know...




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Just as a reminder this link should take you to some photographs used when we originally discussed starting this GB which may be of some reference use.

And this link should take you to a good list of types used (sadly airborne equipment only and not ground or sea equipment) with plenty of photos.

Anyone got any land or naval equipment sites?

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I am looking for any photos of the wheel wells for a Reggiane RE 2000 Faco if any one knows a link can you let me know thanks.


Here is som photos taken by Henrik Bergman at the Swedish AF museum in Linkoping of the preserved J 20.


Edit: photos of the wheel wells where a bit scarce though, but you can just make out a bit of details in one shot.

Edit 2: found this: http://www.flickr.co...157630555808252

and also this: http://www.tantopergioco.it/immagini/walkaround/walkaround-aerei-a-elica/nggallery/walkaround-aerei-a-elica/reggiane2000/


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