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1/72 - V-22 / MV-22B Osprey - by Hasegawa


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That is interesting - I wonder how much it will cost? I also saw from this link that someone is coming out with another s***ing Bf-109E. Goody-goody! Certainly better to have another Bf-109E than someone coming out with a decent Il-4 (for those who don't know, the Il-4 was the Soviet equivalent of the He-111 and served throughout the GPW, nearly 7,000 being produced, and for which not a single decent kit exists in 1/72nd scale). I also don't exactly understand the current infatuation with 1/48th scale - evidently a lot of modellers have more money and space than I do.



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Are there no further news yet on this 1/72 Osprey from Hasegawa, I wonder?...

This should be a much-expected model. I, for one, am very eager to see any kind of information on how it will look like and when to expect it.

I really hope the Hasegawa's efforts will bring us a production MV-22B, not an evaluation configuration as in an old Italeri (?...) kit.

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It will be a production version. Part of the hoopla, if I remember correctly, is that the US will have its first Osprey squadron based in Japan and they did some public relations thing by having a Japanese motif and dragon style squadron symbol. I'll check my Airforces Monthly's!

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Here you go, coming this side of July, fingers crossed! http://www.scalemates.com/products/product.php?id=181417

Had a flick through my magazines, it appears the Okinawan islanders were/are opposed to the basing of the USMC Ospreys at Futenma, and have even demonstrated last year, citing the Ospreys accident record as a safety hazard for the local population.

Part of the PR has been to adorn the tail with Japanese motifs and effectively change the squadron markings, as I understand it.

A plus side of this is that Hasegawa are producing a model (as they have done in the past with other US aircraft based in Japan) and it might even prompt a 1/48 from them or even Tamiya! We can always hope...

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Even though much anticipated since the Italeri kit was just a representation of the experimental aircraft, Hasegawa's new mold sounds very promising.

I think the price will be around 40 to 50 pounds though !! Let's just hope that for this kind of price it will have a cockpit with raised details and not some decals.



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I have the kit. It's a really nice kit, only let down is the lack of cargo space. Othervise it's a typical Hasegawa product. If you like the a/c, I can wholly recommend it!

thanks buddy any photos of it ? ..

how much did you get it for dare i ask and from where ?.


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