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Eduard 1:350 Illustrious Class Helicopter set

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Illustrious Class Helicopter set

Eduard 1:350


This small sheet of etched brass recently released by Eduard is, as the title suggests, purely for the helicopters provided in the Airfix kit of HMS Illustrious. Providing enough parts for four helicopters, two with spread rotors and two folded. The Sea King Mk4 details include replacement and new parts, such as new main and tail rotors, port side rear strake, pitot probes, upper and lower port forward crew doors, windscreen wipers, sponson struts, main rotor head gearbox top decking, main winch, plus various aerials and aerial supports. The Merlin is provided with weapon stations, starboard crew step, new main and tail rotors, main rotor head cover, main gearbox top decking, port and starboard rear strakes, various aerials, upper and lower port crew entrance door, and pilots rear view mirrors.



This is a very neat and fairly comprehensive detail set which, whilst fiddly, will really enhance the helicopters within the kit. Recommended.


Review sample courtesy of


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Hi Dave,

that's a nice set for the helos.

Can you confirm that the Sea King set comes with the sponsons to make a Mk.4? You mention the sponson struts but not the sponsons themselves.



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No Mike, you will have to modify the sponsons. It was actually my mistake in identification of the model helicopters. I'm not sure what they are meant to represent as they have the sponsons of a Mk6, but no radar dome.

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Thanks Dave,

the Mk.4 sponsons are probably the easiest to make/modify, from the actual kits, so the PE set should be a nice addition.



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