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CMR Venom NF.2/2A - another little resin wonder !


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Now that the bench is clear, I'll be cracking on with this with the view to putting a build review together at the end. Having made the Mistral a few months ago, I'm rather excited with it. CMR kits usually offer lots of juicy cockpit detail and this one is no exception, but with the added benefit that it's bigger than the Mistral due to being a 2 seater so there's more opportunity to see all the hard work on display !

The box...


The pack that includes a full resin kit, two types of canopy and two of each incase you make a boo boo, paint masks, coloured etch and two sheets of decals, one of which is packed with stencils


I'm aiming to make a start this week, so should get some more pics as the week progresses.

Cheers, Neil

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The casting is very good. The only challenge I encoutered with the Mistral is the same with this in that there is some protruding resin along the fuselage edges that needs to be removed to join the two halves, but care needs to be taken not to remove too much as there's no locating pins to act as guides.

Redboost, Hope to see some pics of the Firebrand :)


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  • 2 months later...

Well it's time to get back to this one after getting distracted with the Sunderland. Unfortunately, I lost the pictures of the cockpit during assembly, after happening a few times, i've realised that the memory stick wasn't in the camera correctly. You'd kind of think it would come up with an error !

Anyway, here's the pictures I've got so far, with the best I can get into the cockpit. The detail in there is quite something, with fine resin parts and pre-painted PE. I'm really struggling with the quality of pics, so ordered myself a little photo box and light set tonight in the attempt to get better consistency. Apologise for the quality.

Intakes attached


Withthe wings on.....very little filler was needed in the assembly, I found that the Masilla Plastica putty was ideal for this purpose due to the fine dispensing nozzle



Close up of the cockpit



And with the booms attached


Cheers, Neil

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Started to get the transparencies fitted tonight. When the instructions were done for the kit, the balance horns were missed off the drawings, so Petr from CMR asked me to post a copy of the corrected instructions up for people to use. It also gives a good breakdown of the kit so well worth a look to see what you get up close.


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Some progress over the last week.

The canopy was cut into 3 pieces with the windscreen and rear panel being fitted in place. The light grey underside was sprayed then masked for the camo...



The camo applied and decals...





Now here I experimented with the airbrush. I wanted to add some tonal variation, so took some diluted light grey and gave a spay over the centre of the panels to add some interest. Really pleased with this result, however my success was short lived afterwards



Rushing as one does, I forgot to turn the heater off when I applied some matt varnish. If you've got the T-shirt like I have (have a wardrobe full of 'em !!), you will know that varnish likes to take it's own time when drying. If you don't follow this rule of nature, it clouds giving a white haze as it did on mine. There was also some silvering of the red stensil devals on the wings so I ended up playing around with the camo colours again in the airbrush trying to correct my mistakes. Whilst partially recovered, I'm not all together happy with the result...




Currently in the process of fitting the sticky out bits. The kit goes together very well, however a lot of care is needed with such fine delicate parts.

Cheers, Neil

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That is one sweet little kit. Now you've made me want to go and buy another one (I already have the Sea Venom in my stash)! Great job so far, Neil. No need to hurry on my account, though. Let the varnish take its own sweet time. :winkgrin:



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Well real life has been interupting modelling time recently, but got her finished today and been experimenting with the camera and new lightbox to get sharp close up images. For reasons too trivial to go into, I lost the underwing No.2 decals so had to raid the spares box, but they're a touch too small, fortunately they are on the well doors. The final details have all been stuck on except for the wing fences which I've.....well lost at the moment :blush: .

In summary, this is a great little model which average modellers should be comfortable tackling. It's got lots of small parts, but you don't have to stick them all on, you can choose the level of detail you wish to use. Care does need to be taken, particularly with the undercarriage. As I've said before, you just can't rush a Mark.I/CMR model, patience is the key to a rewarding build. Here's a few pics, there's more in the RFI HERE, thanks for looking.





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Will you be building in some location guides, or are you just going to be extra-careful when you do join the two? I presume you're using CA glue to join them (never built a complete resin kit myself)?

Sorry I missed a response to your question Dave.

Yes I added some tabs to aid the location of the two halves, unfortunately, the pictures I took of this were lost with the cockpit interior ones. This did help. I then wrapped thin masking tape around the two halves in a few places to keep it all aligned while I run a bead of superglue along the joins.


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