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A pair of PM Model Hawker Sea Furys

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Hi all,

Not posted for a while as what summer we had overtook me and any spare time! I still have my 1:24 Spits as WIP but have just finished a batch of 1-72 models to get me back in the modelling mood, you know a few simple models, which don't take too long.

I have to be honest, I had never heard of, or built any 'PM Model' kits before, but having just finished these two, I am actually very pleased. The kits went together really well and better than some other kits of well know names, which I have built before!

No filler was required and although the detail is sparse, I guess they become good candidates for adding scratch built parts. I did both as out of the box and am very pleased with the results. The reason I chose them was because I had never made a Sea Fury before and the chance to make two different versions was too tempting.

So I made the obvious Hawker Sea Fury FB-11, which reading the info on the instructions tells me, which I was unaware of that:

The Sea Fury was the last propeller driven fighter to enter service with the RN. It saw combat in the Korean War with at least 1 RN pilot downing a MIG-15 Jet in one!

I am suprised they are so underrated, having achieved that. The model should represent aircraft TF956 of the RN Historical Flight Yeovilton during 1989. However the decals were too old and perished in water. Luckily I found this out before building it, they just looked not good! Happily though someone was selling a set of decals on E-Bay for 0.99p for aircraft VR943, but I don't know it's unit, year etc...

Anyway the pics:



The second PM Model Sea fury I built was the T-20 version. This predictably went together as well as the first one and personally I think looks a better finished model. It represents aircraft WG655 as operated by the RN Historical Flight Yeaovilton during 1989. There are decals for another version D-CABU a civilian West German aircraft belonging to Deutsch Luftfahrt Beratungsdients (DLB) Firm.

The instructions say about this version that:

Developed as a conversion trainer for RN pilots who were to fly the Sea Fury FB-11. For armament training, the instructor pilot was given a periscope mounted over the cockpit to allow him to see the gun sight in the front cockpit. The RN operated some 60 aircraft, with a number exported.

The pictures:




Hope you like them, something different anyway!

Feel free to leave comments, feedback etc.

Thanks for looking.


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