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Rib Tape Decals - 1:48 HGW Decal


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Rib Tape Decals

1:48 HGW


WWI biplanes were usually fabric covered, and made predominantly of wood to keep the weight down, so any joins between the fabric surfaces and the inner structure would need reinforcing to prevent the cloth from ripping under stress. Rib tape was usually used to do the job, and was usually barely visible as a raised area over the ribs to which the fabric was attached. Other non-structural areas were basically sewn, or laced together using fabric edging tape with eyelets sewn in.

This is a tricky effect to carry off on a model, and the smaller the scale, the harder it gets. HGW's new product, a rib-tape decal is an innovative and simple way of giving your "stringbag" a more authentic look. The product is a simple decal sheet, with 28 lengths of tape decal at around 14.5cm long each line. A further seven lines of stitching is included for good measure, and both designs have printed fixing and stitching to add more realism.


The modeller simply cuts off a length of the correct type, wets the decal as usual and applies it to the model, lining it up carefully with the ribs. A little decal solution will help the tape snuggle down and conform to the surface below. Once dry, it can be sealed with varnish if you are modelling a bare linen aircraft, or painted over as is more likely. That may sound like a waste of decaling time, but the thickness of the decals, and the over-printed stitching patterns does show up under a further layer of paint, as can be seen from the example below, which was culled from HGW's website.



This is a great product, and well worth purchasing if you are looking to improve the look of your fabric covered aircraft. Simplicity of application is key, as most, if not all modellers can decal, and all you have to do is ensure that the tapes all line up.

Highly recommended.


Review samples courtesy of logo.jpg

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