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ROKAF Black Eagle


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Having seen the earlier postings on the building of this kit, I had to have one. Delivered from Korea cheaper than buying one in the UK! Having finished my latest SAC creation, I figured it was time to start this gem.

It will be an OOB build, especialy as there are no aftermarket bits as far as I'm aware. Comments have been made about the sit of the model, but I cannot for the life of me, find out where the problem lies. So, I'm just going to plod on.

First things first, the cockpit. Nicely detailed as is, so I've just added some tape belts to the rear seat. I intend to have one of the pilots sat in the front one. The only omission I can see, are the two small camreas???? on the rear panel hood next to the rear view mirrors. A couple of sprue bit for these methinks.

Here's where it's up to after a day's work. More to come (hopefully).




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A swift update.

Going together reasonably well. The main fit problem area are the intakes. A butt join, they take some fettling to achieve a good fit and even so, need some filler.


The tail is good, just needing a smidgin of filler to block out the daylight. The valejo stuff is very easy to use and saves a lot of time sanding.


Same goes for the top section of the cockpit. Some filler needed.


I still don't know wether to have a pilot in the front seat.


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Today's update.

Just out of curiosity, I checked the fit of the windscreen. Ha! Good job I did as the front instrument coaming interferes with it.

The coaming has to sit below the level indicated on the plans for the windscree to fit over it. A swift adjustment with the aid of a knife and some more glue and all is well.


Although the maingear needs some modification, I had to forgo this as my collection of plastic tube has gone walkies. Maybe next time.


Here's an overview of where it stands today.


Jet pipe and wheels next.


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Right, the paints on, the varnish is on and it's sat there all nice and shiney.


There is a huge decal sheet to apply, yellow, white, grey, etc, etc, so I'm starting with the underside to get a feel for the decals. The advantage being that any cock-up is not immedeately discernable.

As of midnight 02.10.12, this is where I've got to.


Now, the decals are by Cartograph, so the opacity is great, no bleed through of black where the yellow is. A side effect of this is that the decals are fairly thick and without setting solution, will not conform to the kit.

I tried Microscale but that had no effect. I then went onto Daco's strong solution and whammo, all the details and panel lines (and painting/modelling imperfections) show through. Moral, make sure you have some strong decal setter befor applying.

More photos later today.


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Nice job. I have one of these to build and I've read that the white decals are opaque enough not to show through. Is that your finding too? It looks like it from the pics.

I wonder if the cockpit cameras you mention are the temporary ones that planes tv use to film in cockpit shots for their DVDs? If so then they may not be an essential addition.

Keep up the good work.


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