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Helloo fine folk of Britmodeller,

I trust I find everyone well?

If I may, I'd like to share a few images of a recent completion. Whilst on holiday in Derbyshire a few weeks ago I stumbled on a new tool boxing of the Spitfire Mk IIA by Airfix. It was at a very reasonable £4.99 which seemed to be good value and, since I'd spent the week enjoying building the new tool Airfix Gnat I thought I'd take the plunge.

I have to say that I'm very impressed by Airfix. They seem to be trying very hard with their latest releases. This kit offers two build options with alternative parts and decals plus a comprehensive set of stencil decals included to boot. The parts are very crisp and in general the fit was excellent. I did need a touch of filler on the underside and I confess I had to gently adjust the wing fit but all in all everything went without a hitch.

I used Xtracrylics for the upper surface cammo and found an old pot of Sky that must have been included in another kit that I had at some time or other.

For the weathering I used some Lifecolor weathering stuff and pastels. (I'm not keen on spraying the LifeColor weathering inks as they seem to clog the airbrush but they do give a nice oily/smoky look.)

The photos were taken outside under natural sunlight.








I gather that there has been much discussion over the panel lines with the newer Airfix releases. For my part, I think they are a might heavy but that's just my particular preference. I'm guessing that there are many modellers who love the engraved panel lines as they will certainly hold a wash well. :winkgrin:

Given that these panel lines are quite prominent, it's difficult to take photos in my favourite style which give the illusion of a real aircraft in this scale. However, that did n't stop me having a go. :coolio:

The first job was to source a suitable backdrop. I remembered that I'd taken a plain landscape at Duxford one year so I printed it up on a sheet of A4 paper then stuck it to a flat board.

I plonked the Spittie onto a length of ply in front of the backdrop and arranged a tripod to hold the camera.




The results are ok but they don't look that convincing.

I resorted to software trickery......




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That is one of the most realistic-looking Sptifires that I've seen- all the weathering looks great- oil leaks and exhaust are particularly impressive. The big panel lines look really well controlled by the upper surface paint job you've done- they're much harder to conceal on the lighter sky undersurface, but still a lot better than most of these that you see built up. Great work, thanks for sharing!

And the black and white photo at the start is also ace!

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Absolutely superb!

Love the weathering & love this kit!

Photography is such a good idea, have been to Duxford countless times & never get round to doing a background like that. Also like the old feel photo.


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Howdo folks,

Many thanks for all of the generous feedback and kind words. I'm thrilled that the model has got such a positive response and that everyone has enjoyed seeing it. I had so much fun building it I've decided to attack another 1/72nd scale subject for my next model. I'm going to have a crack at the new tool GR7/9 so wish me luck. :winkgrin:

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That's a real beauty GW - I really like the tonal variation on the paintscheme, and the weathering is bang on. Fine photography too! Well done.


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I really admire the build and finish as well as the photography

Skill will produce a stand-out every time.

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