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Revell's 1/32 Hawk T.Mk1, XX239, 4 FTS


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Hi All,

The most part of this build was completed by the end of last year but I only got around to completing the seats and canopy this summer. I had intended to make this OOB but became influenced by geedubelyer's fantastic Red Arrows build and decided to have a go at adding some detail.

I added some simple sidewall framing in the cockpit and adapted the kit seats to represent the early type. With breath held, the landing flaps were cut out at which point I had committed myself to fabricating new ones. The task wasn't too bad, just a bit fiddly to attach them back to the wings: super glue and plenty of bad languaage sorted the job though!

Xtracrylix was used for the white and light aircraft grey. After some deliberation, I used Revell aqua Fiery red 330(silk matt) for the signal red: to my eyes it gives both that nice orangey red when seen on a bright day and a darker red on a dull day. The model was given a coat or two of kleer before and after the decals were applied.

Xtradecals provided the main markings, stencils and required serial numbers. I also used Aeroclub's metal U/C and Master's metal pitot tube.

All in all a thoroughly enjoyable build! I just wish that i had the means to take decent photos(apologies in advance!).








Thanks for looking, all comments welcome, both good and bad.


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