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Ansaldo S.V.A.5 Early (Fly Models, 1/48) - never say never

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It's not a typing error, I really have made something in 1/48 scale other than a Harrier (it can't have been due to the Summer heat on my head!).

Having joined the IPMS WW1 SIG a while back, I thought I actually ought to do a model. The Ansaldo S.V.A.5 was given to me by a good friend just after, so it seemed churlish to leave the kit warming the loft in these circumstances. A while back, I did say I'd never do another biplane/triplane after a less than happy experience with a 1/72nd scale Revell Sopwith Triplane, but there you go - never say never again. We all make mistakes, and I decided to make another one. It's probably due to the fact that Wingnut Wings are going to release the Sopwith Triplane kit next year, and I very much want to do that for SWMBO - so I need much more practice before I even contemplate the joys of a WW 1/32nd scale kit!

In the end, it was not as bad as I expected. WW1 experts will certainly observe a number of mistakes - mine and the kit's - and the many better modellers among you on here will doubtless not give this example a second glance, but it's up here because I got it done and it's now part of the collection, for good or bad. The top wing has a kink in the middle. I'm not clear how the wing is supposed to stay joined with such a thin piece of plastic - I must have broke it apart at least 5 times. I had no jig to get the upper wing on - a bit of planning, luck and slow setting glue enabled me to get as close as I did to the correct position, but sadly no cigar.

In terms of construction, it's a mixture of plastic and resin from the kit, together with the kit decals. I used 0.2mm nickel silver rod for all of the rigging. Paint was hand-brushed enamels and acrylic - the wood effect being a Humbrol "wood" base and a variety of tones of acrylic artist browns and zig brushables pens dabbed/smeared/brushed on and covered with Klear. Weathering is very limited - as I have absolutely no idea how these things looked after a few flights - the Old Warden's immaculate collection of flying aircraft is not a great guide!

Here then is how it came out ...





I'll be trying to sneak it on the West Middlesex Scale Model Club table at IPMS Farnborough's ModelFest this Saturday whilst no-one's looking.

Comments welcome as ever.

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Well I like it, well done Graham. Although in the last picture the upper wings seem to be a bit droopy.

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Great work on this build.

It really looks good.


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