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I'd like your help chaps and chapess's as well of course. I'm going to do a 109 E and I've chosen a 1940 JG 53 one this time. This is the one with largish green areas and patches of RLM 02. I've got several profile views but nothing even giving a hint of the wing paterns. Now I know I've seen a photo put up somewhere on the ' Interweb ' in the last few weeks but do you think I can find it ? If you can help me it will meen that much more precious modelling time for me. I'm also working on how to post pics. of my finished efforts. Thanks in advance to all my new found 'Mates' in advance for your guidance. Mike W.

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this JG 53 scheme?


Photo of the III./JG53 Gruppenadjutant Ltn. Erich Schmidt's Emil illustrating the absence of the Hakenkreuz on the fin; photo dated Nov. 1940. Behind Schmidt's aircraft can be seen another Emil carrying the "Pik As" badge.

Details here on this on the 109 lair by Tango98 aka Dave Wadman


Or something else?


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