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lovely scooter......nice finish and great work !

i am off 1/72 nowdays but the more i see the airfix scooter and the great work people do with it.....i might just get one......afterall the skyhawk is one of my favourites.....

thanks for sharing

mr b

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Very nice. Hard to believe it's a "cheap 1:72" model. I would have guessed it's 1:48. And very good photos, by the way!! One question, how have you done the rivetting and washing? It adds a lot of realism.


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Wow - that looks super detailed & could very easily pass for 1/48.

I only model in 1/32 but I'm continually surprised by the amount of detail and finish that people manage to put into 1/72.

It's far beyond my efforts at that scale - most impressive.

The shading on the panel lines is perfect - just right to bring out the detail but not overpowering.

Are the markings painted? They look awfully good.

I'm officially jealous!

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