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DH Comet 1 Prototype - 1/72 Scale

Mike N

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Excellent work

Never realised the differences undercarriage-wise with the prototype

Keeping watching this build

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Well, sadly I've not reached the finishing post in time. I had too long a break during the GB and left myself with a mountain to climb.

Here's where I'm up to for those interested.

There were several rounds of filling, sanding and priming, typified here:



In the end I got the joints to an acceptable standard, I'd probably spent more time doing that on this build than any other due to the nature of the kit and the NMF I am going for.

I also realised that I needed to add the cone for the prototype's nose probe. Rummaging in the spares box I found this spinner:


Glued it on;


and plastered it with Milliput (sanded down once dry):


Here's where she was at the deadline.


The Alclad black had been applied, but I'd under-estimated how coarse the sanding was I'd given the primer; even in the photo you can see the scratches. So I've since spent a few tedious hours sanding and polishing the surface ready for another coat of black.

So yes, a little way to go yet. I'll start a thread in the WIP section elsewhere to encourage me to complete it in the coming weeks.

Finally, well done to all those who did finish on time!!

Thanks for looking, cheers,


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