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1/48 Learjet 45 - Hasegawa conversion


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When a member of our club put up list of his, no longer wanted, kits for sale and when I saw two 1/48 Learjets 35/36 for more than reasonable price, I had an idea...

Learjet 45 used by the Irish Air Corps is not available in a kit form in 1/48 scale and there are three options if you want to have it:

- Wait

- Scratch build it

- Convert it from something

I thought that it would be cool to have one of the civvies between my camouflaged stock and I didn’t want to wait, I wouldn’t be too confident in aircraft scratch building and those two kits from Hasegawa and Testors were so tempting.

This build will be a long run and I will not be too fussy about a milimeter missing here or two there or some wrong curve here, I don’t even know if I will finish it at all, but I thought that I’ll give it a go and as long as the final model will look like Learjet 45, that’ll do me.

Armed with basic drawings and overall dimensions, I have scaled these to 1/48, printed out and started chopping the fuselage. First 3 parts, then 6, then 8 and 2 parts taken from Testors kit and some extra bits:


Bellow is the original Hasegawa part - already cut


First half from the inside, with reinforcements and remedied mistakes. Second half should be much cleaner, now when I know...

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any proggress?

...as you can see... nothing much. I am all over the place for the most of this year and trying to finish some of even older projects as well. But, well, got cut into the wings too. Once the filler is sanded to acceptable level, it should be grand.

See yis next year :pilot:

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