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Il-2 Wheels (for Tamiya) - 1:48 Eduard Brassin (648072)

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Il-2 Wheels (for Tamiya)

1:48 Eduard Brassin (648072)


The new Tamiya kit has set the benchmark for the dependable Shturmovik, with excellent detail throughout. This wheelset improves on the detail still further, unfettered by the limitations of injection moulding. The set arrives in Eduard's clamshell box, and inside are two new wheels, four hubs and a set of hub masks to ease painting.

Detail on the wheels far exceeds that of the kit parts, which are very good in themselves. Posing the two together shows up the kit parts, as the Eduard wheels have additional tyre detail in the form of additional structural ribbing on the sidewalls, and more defined tread pattern, as well as the numbers "800x260" in raised text on each sidewall. The hub centres are separate parts, and while the kit parts are handed, these are not which is both interesting as well as good news for modellers like myself that leave parts lying around for months on end and may well forget which hub goes where.


The two hubs fix into the recessed centre of the wheels, leaving the prominent ridges around the edge of the hub visible. A scrap diagram shows the correct alignment of the wheel, which has a tiny nub in the hub, as well as the inflation valve in the tyre wall itself. These appear to be lined up in the diagram, but check your references to see whether the lining up of the inflation valve is necessary. The casting block is easily removed, having two flimsy outriggers and a central tube for delivery of the resin to the mould. This can be cut off with a sharp knife, the surface re-profiled to match the surrounding, and a blade or UMM scriber can be used to reinstate any lost tread grooves. I tested this with the review sample, and it isn't too taxing.

The masks consist of four pre-cut doughnuts that protect the tyre sidewalls during painting, but if you are using an airbrush, some additional masking of the contact surface of the tyre would be wise to avoid overspray.


A compelling upgrade to the kit parts, with plenty of added detail to tempt you.

Highly recommended.


Review sample courtesy of


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You're welcome, Mike, and I'm definitely not complaining; when it comes to the Shturmovik, the more the merrier. I am gratified that the Il-2 seems to be enjoying something of a renaissance in the modelling world; first with the Hobby Boss kits, then the Tamiya 1/48th scale arrow, and now the upcoming Tamiya and Academy releases in 1/72nd scale. - SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION ALERT - If only someone would come out with a comprehensive book on modelling the Il-2.

Best Regards,


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